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  • Strategic License Management

    A comprehensive approach to Software License Management.

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  • Audit Defense

    Your partner for prevention strategies and tactical support.

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  • Server License Optimization

    Creating shell-shocking savings which add up to more than just peanuts.

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  • SAM Tooling Benchmark Report

    Capgemini report identifies Aspera SmartTrack as the industry leader.

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Award-winning software by Aspera:

KPMG Germany

Complex Environments = Unused Potential

Uncovers hidden risks and unnecessary spend across the IT landscape. Including yours.

Cloud, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), thin clients, mainframe, server cluster, and virtualization… are just a few ingredients of a current-day business routine for IT managers and their teams. Aspera’s award-winning SAM solution maps your IT landscape, tracks down over- and under-licensing, and provides the business intelligence to manage compliance risks.

aspera license compliance

aspera audit defense

Strategic Audit Defense by Aspera

Expert Consulting and Prevention Strategies

Confidently pass software audits and slash under-licensing fees with Aspera’s Audit Defense. We provide extensive support throughout the audit, combining specialized consulting and time saving Audit Response Procedures. Better yet, with Aspera’s Strategic License Management solution, enterprises actively control their compliance position and significantly reduce the risk of being audited.