Our mission: enable the client!


Aspera sees itself as a technology provider and enabler. An international network of highly skilled consultants provides you with exactly the level of support you need for your project.

Our experience has shown that at traditional consultancy firms sound license management know-how is still far and few between. Aspera's primary aim is therefore to offer the customer the advice required to successfully carry out a license management project with as little external support as necessary.

Drawing on many years of project experience at Fortune 500 companies, Aspera has built an extensive knowledge base of blueprints for effective project plans, critical paths and important milestone checks, risk templates, process frameworks, white papers and training material. 

Our 10 core-competences

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Aspera goes ITIL!

Efficient end-to-end processes covering everything from license procurement to software distribution are essential for license management. The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the de-facto standard in this area. The ITIL Best Practice Guide "Software Asset Management" (ISBN 0113309430) was produced in cooperation with Aspera and our customer Nokia Siemens Networks (formerly Siemens AG Communications) based on the process kit developed by us.