1-on-1 Meeting at the Aspera User Day

Get your exclusive 1-on-1 meeting with one of our experts on the second day of the USU World

On May 11 you have the possibility to talk to one of our experts in an exclusive 1-on-1 meeting about your most important SAM topics.

1-on-1 Meeting Registration

1-on-1 Meeting Registration

These experts are available to answer your questions

Olaf Diehl, Managing Director
Specializations: Customer Satisfaction, Strategic Discussion, Product and Service Roadmap

Olaf Diehl overviews current trends and changes in the SAM Market like no other and can be considered the driving SAM Visionary at Aspera. As Managing Director he leads the following departments: Sales, Organization, Marketing, and Partner Management.

Hans-Peter Kozica, Managing Director
Specializations: Consulting & Services, Strategic Discussion, Product and Service Roadmap

If you want to go deeper into Aspera products and services, as well as strategic SAM decisions, Hans-Peter Kozica is the right contact for you: He is responsible for the Services division and Managing Director of Aspera GmbH.

Stephan Pflanzer, Managing Director
Specializations: Product Development (Process and Method), Technical Discussion (Technology and Infrastructure)

As Managing Director Stephan Pflanzer is happy to talk with you about important technical topics. As the head of technology Stephan gives you direct access for to insight about the product development at Aspera.

Ralf Angermann, Head Of Service Delivery
Specializations: Customer Satisfaction, Strategic Discussion, Managed Services Operations, Master Catalog

Ralf Angermann, is the heart of the Aspera Master Catalog with more than 15 years of experience in SAM. The Head of Service Delivery has been with Aspera GmbH since 2008 and the person you want to talk to about Managed Services and the Aspera Master Catalog.

Mathias Knops, Head of Product Management / Pre-Sales
Specializations: SmartTrack, Product Strategy, Roadmap, Individual Solutions

Mathias Knops is responsible for both presales and product portfolio management, putting his knowledge about the market as well as experience with customers into action items for product development.

Andrea Roßkamp, Product Management
Specializations: Aspera Change Management, Agile Software Development Process

Andrea is an expert for Aspera Change Management and agile software development processes. She also represents the customers’ interests in front of multiple development teams.

Guido Schneider, Senior Product Managment Advisor
Specializations: SAP License Management and Indirect Access

Have you always wanted to do a Q&A with a well-known expert for SAP license management? This is your opportunity: Guido Schneider is the most renowned SAP license consultant in Germany. Benefit from his expertise in all current SAP topics, such as Indirect Access, SAP User Rights and SAP Engines.