Nov 09, 2017

Aspera KnowledgePlus: Building a Community of SAM Support

With the launch of KnowledgePlus, Aspera’s online SAM Knowledge Base & Learning Service, customers gain unlimited access to the largest library of Software Asset Management (SAM) and licensing information available.

Virtual education opportunities include e-learning material, on-demand and instructor-led video courses and trainings, as well as how-to guides for licensing and audit expertise for major software vendors like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM.

Supporting SAM managers

If you’re an “early bird” Software Asset Management professional, you know that most of us never received a formal SAM education. Most likely, we either applied for a Software Asset Manager position using previous job experience, or the job was handed to us and we dove right in to figure out how it worked.

Luckily the Software Asset Management industry has matured over the last 15+ years. Now there are plenty of SAM training and education options available from SAM conferences and certification organizations, to professional SAM consulting.

But while basic SAM training may now be easier to access, a new training challenge has arisen with the Software Asset Management industry’s increased maturity: How do you keep a growing and increasingly specialized SAM team trained without unnecessarily wasting time and money?

Access a full library of SAM trainings!

This is why an online learning resource is critical to your SAM success. Aspera’s KnowledgePlus offers company-wide support for every step of the SAM journey.

  • Need a practical answer? Search the knowledge base for licensing guides, implementation guides and audit guides.
  • Have a new team member in your SAM office? They can join our regular training cycle or take advantage of our self-paced online classes.
  • Your users need bite-size, easy to digest pieces? Bring your complete SAM users into the Learning Universe – a complete learning platform with flexible learning offerings.
  • Already have a great learning platform internally? We can integrate the solution or make the content available in re-usable content formats.
  • Wish to keep control over what people learn? Use your own portal or use our advanced learning management features to allow control over your user base.

Customized SAM education for a dynamic industry

The software industry is constantly transforming. Vendors introduce new metrics. New or different data is needed and SAM stakeholders need to understand how to work successfully together.

Software Asset Managers need to continuously “teach” the organization to prepare for and handle these changes properly. Otherwise the SAM program risks becoming less effective over time. If you notice that new processes are defined but not implemented thoroughly, proper SAM training may be the best fix.

Quality, ongoing education is key to getting the most ROI out of your Software Asset Management program. It’s important to bring your staff up to speed quickly to handle the new software that’s constantly entering your company. Your SAM team needs training to handle shifts and licensing changes. Deepening your SAM team’s expertise in specific areas like Microsoft, SaaS cost management, or virtualization in the cloud is a strategic way to generate additional savings.

Pro-tip: When planning your SAM program, don’t forget to include trainings for new employees and keep seasoned members up to date with more advanced courses covering the latest vendor licensing models.

Online SAM trainings deliver critical resources

Although many companies now train the Software Asset Management team at program initiation, scalable growth demands continuous education. And valuable training resources for other groups indirectly involved with SAM, such as stakeholders who deliver data to the SAM team, is too often missed.

Perhaps your SAM program has expanded globally, so that now both regional and local Software Asset Managers exist. It’s not always cost effective to send teams located in different regions to the same a certification course or conferences.

How do you handle people who need formal training built to match their particular needs? Your SAM solution provider can help here. A comprehensive SAM solution like Aspera SmartTrack supports customers with a full suite of education options, and KnowledgePlus now makes online training material accessible to all walks of the SAM life, via our specialized library of resources.

Easy to access SAM trainings

Software Asset Management touches many areas including: strategic procurement, operative purchasing, license approvals, pooling, packaging, distribution, inventory, portfolio management. That’s why our SAM solutions and services are designed to empower stakeholders across the organization – with training opportunities to support all roles and levels of SAM involvement.

Ultimately, Software Asset Management needs to be understood as a program that offers benefits which reach far beyond ITAM or technology management. A strategic SAM program will shift how software is handled across the entire organization.

As a successful Software Asset Manager, you need to:

  • Set expectations and address training as part of the initial program
  • Include stakeholders in addition to your SAM team
  • Offer continuous formal training opportunities

It goes without saying that flexible access to training materials to meet the growing needs of your SAM program is a must. With lightning fast industry changes, you won’t always find up to date resources at a conference or standard certification course. It’s critical for your solution provider to offer current training materials that scale with your program’s needs as it matures.

Ready, set, go!

As you plan to include Software Asset Management trainings and education in your roadmap, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself:

  • Who do I need to reach? Managers? SAM technology users? SAM stakeholders?
  • Do actions of other departments (i.e. how software is rolled out) impact our SAM performance?
  • What training does each identified group/person need for their specific role?
  • How does my company support change management and training in general?
  • Does my company have a learning portal with standard training for role qualifications?
  • How should the training be offered? Hands-on “how to” job training, classroom style, flexible and online…
  • How much training should be dedicated to creating awareness for why SAM is valuable?

Access a full library of SAM trainings!

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