Bill Talbot

ITAM, SW Asset Mgmt, & CMDB Evangelist

Bill Talbot is a Senior ITAM/SAM Evangelist and a seasoned practitioner. He offers extensive experience with the process, procedures, technologies, and enterprise integrations needed to enhance an organization’s ability to make intelligent business decisions about their ITAM/SAM portfolio. Holding 30 years of technology experience, he has spent the past 20 years focusing on ITAM/SAM process automation, and defining ITAM/SAM solution roadmaps for customers around the globe. Mr. Talbot has guided and mentored customers/consultants/practitioners spanning all sizes and verticals to positive, value focused ITAM/SAM successful achievements. In 2017, Mr. Talbot was named an IAITAM Fellow for his valuable ITAM contributions and expertise.

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Published articles

The Breast that Launched a Copyright War

A recent blip on the internet was a skirmish between a café and a photographer. So how does this contentious situation relate to Software Asset Management? In the software world, Adobe Systems started down the copyright path almost 20 years...

Customer References: Be Careful What You Ask For

Ultimately, your success is driven by the success of the solution you chose. My professional advice is to personally investigate any reference given to you by a vendor. Get candid insights by requesting a 1-on-1 with that customer, without...