Sep 19, 2016

Brandolini's Law is Suddenly FLEXible

Are you familiar with Brandolini's Law? It states that "The amount of energy necessary to refute BS is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."

That is why I normally do not bother to refute some of the BS spread by a competitor that has a track record of being FLEXible when it comes to the truth. But not today.

I am frequently asked why my company, Aspera, states that:

"The only two tools for Virtualization Capacity (aka sub-capacity) that IBM accepts are ILMT and BigFix. We recommend using them as a data source for Aspera."

When the Flexera website claims in bold letters:

"Accepted by IBM for Sub-Capacity Reporting"

I thought this little clarification from IBM on their DeveloperWorks forum might be helpful:

"IBM does not certify neither validate [the] Flexera solution."

Getting mixed signals? So did some Flexera customers — which is why Flexera recently added this disclaimer to their website. Scroll down to the middle of the page, or read it here.

IBM’s Acceptance Terms:

"IBM will allow you to install FlexNet Manager for IBM Version 2015 R2 or later as an alternative to the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) to fulfill your reporting obligations under the sub-capacity licensing terms, provided that FlexNet Manager for IBM must be functionally equivalent to the most current version of ILMT and provide equivalent reporting (including without limitation a minimum scan frequency of 30 minutes), and must be properly installed, configured and maintained by you at all times. You are responsible for working with Flexera to ensure that such conditions are met. If additional Flexera Software products are required to meet these conditions you must procure them. IBM reserves the right to verify your FlexNet Manager for IBM installation using the assistance of a third party. This authorization is limited to FlexNet Manager for IBM performing discovery and reporting of processor usage either natively or integrated with IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed (TADd) or IBM BigFix Inventory. This authorization does not apply to Flexera acting as an aggregator/dashboard and reporting processor usage discovered by other third party tools. Except for the choice of system tool, nothing herein will be deemed to modify any other sub-capacity licensing terms and conditions.

The above terms require acceptance by IBM."

To summarize:

  • YOU are responsible that Flexera is functionally equivalent to the most current version of ILMT.
  • YOU give IBM additional audit rights.
  • YOU might have to buy additional products from Flexera.
  • And these are not even IBM's Acceptance Terms but terms that IBM might accept.

This sounds like a whole lot of BS to me. Acceptance terms that have to be accepted for a tool to be accepted is not the same as "accepted".

I am sure that somebody will one day write a book on the backstory that led to this disclaimer. In the meantime, ask yourself if you want to work with a FLEXible vendor or with one that is honest and built to last.



Topics: IBM, SAM Insights