Jun 11, 2018

How Changing SAM Tools Can Improve Your Software Asset Management Results

The Haufe Group was founded in 1951 as a publishing house in Germany. As times changed, it transformed into a software company. Over the years, Haufe Group used a Software Asset Management Tool called Miss Marple to create automated and sustainable license transparency within the organization.

But, when Haufe Group was ready to grow further and include all its subsidiaries worldwide, document and optimize a multitude of processes, and pursue vigorous digital change in license management, something was holding them back.

Time for a new SAM Tool

An analysis of the license situation and a review of Miss Marple revealed that an ongoing, meaningful license management wasn’t sustainable. The current SAM Tool simply couldn’t fulfill complex, modern Software Asset Management needs on a global scale. It was time for Haufe Group to find a new SAM Tool provider.

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Proof-of-concept demonstrates SAM capabilities

Using a proof-of-concept to test real-life licensing scenarios is critical when selecting a SAM Tool. The Haufe Group identified that the Aspera SmartTrack platform was the only solution to meet their unique demands for the most up-to-date license and software usage data. Haufe Group was impressed with Aspera’s detailed specialist knowledge in license processing.

Microsoft license optimization in 2 months

Things moved swiftly. A license overview for Microsoft license optimization was completed in only two months. Since then, SmartTrack ensures that the relevant licenses are available and updated daily in order to avoid unnecessary or wasted purchases.

As Aspera rolled out the SmartTrack license platform, more than thirty pre-existing processes were optimized. When the next Microsoft software audit hit, Haufe Group was thoroughly prepared, and could implement even more beneficial licensing models.

With the software compliance audit completed and a clean overview of licenses and usage in SmartTrack, Haufe Group focused on the future.

A true SAM Partnership doesn’t end at implementation

Aspera continued to optimize the software license management processes.

  • Active Directory was redesigned to benefit the whole organization with improved data quality.
  • Service Desk was given added support with more information on device details, main users, and Bios versions – ensuring better IT support for users.
  • Cross-Functional Team from The Haufe Group (License Manager, Senior Developer, Legal Counsel, Requirement Engineer, Process Manager Technical Lead) and Aspera (Technical Consultant, Project Consultant, Service Technician) worked together collaboratively and with new-found transparency.

The Haufe Group has a history of technologically adapting to the changing demands of digital business. The previous SAM Tool couldn’t answer those complex needs because it couldn’t keep up with business needs.

Aspera’s approach to strategic SAM is built on responding quickly and efficiently to customer’s needs and working together to prepare for the future.

Plans are in place to onboard other software publishers and Aspera’s license management services will continue to support and guide this process.

Is your SAM Tool able to meet the demands of your company’s needs?

Changing SAM providers isn’t a simple process, but companies do it all the time because sometimes it’s necessary, and often it’s easier than it seems.

The first step is recognizing the signs that it’s time to leave. The next step is up to you, but a good place to start is getting advice from SAM users who have done it before.

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