Jun 29, 2017

Don’t Let the Cloud Break You: USU World 2017

Highlights from USU World 2017

  • Software Asset Management in the cloud: Follow the money!
  • Aspera introduces streamlined service for SaaS cost optimization.
  • Prep to avoid additional SAP licensing fees.

Software Asset Management in the Cloud: Follow the money!

Are software vendors pushing you to the cloud without checking the long-term costs? Without a SAM cloud strategy, your business might take unnecessary risks. “Follow the money,” recommends Jochen Hagenlocher, Global Head of SAM at a Fortune 100 company. In other words: Start your cloud Software Asset Management program where your expenses are highest. That’s where you’ll find the greatest savings potential and achieve the highest return.

“Many manufacturers pressure on-premises customers into becoming cloud customers", Hagenlocher notes during his presentation.

The more cloud-based models you use, the more important than ever it is to stay on top of things. Accessing information silos and gathering all SAM-relevant usage data is essential. This makes cloud usage behavior and costs more transparent. We call this “slimming”.

Continually monitoring and adjusting cloud services is the best way to keep costs low. But this requires technology that can quickly tether cloud applications via connectors. Provide your stakeholders with intelligent cloud reporting like those offered by Aspera's SAM Intelligence. Sharing SAM progress and achievements develops SAM governance and reporting for the entire cloud lifecycle.

Get smart strategies for SAM in the Cloud

Aspera introduces streamlined service for SaaS cost optimization

Software as a Service or SaaS is a highly dynamic market with great potential. But it requires flexible, future-proof SAM solutions. At USU World 2017, Aspera introduced a trail blazing solution for cloud-cost license optimization. The first of their kind, Rapid Vendor Analysis for Salesforce and LicenseControl for Salesforce are newly developed tools that easily provide a comprehensive and usable overview of the Salesforce license estate. Unique reporting features include suggestions for license optimization.

“Making cloud expenses and usage transparent is not in the interest of the providers, since it cuts into their profits. With Rapid Vendor Analysis for Salesforce, Aspera is the first provider to supply this information without having to implement a specific tool locally. Your results are available quickly and hassle-free”, explains Olaf Diehl, Managing Director of Aspera GmbH

Try LicenseControl for Salesforce for Free!

SAP license management: prep to avoid fees

Although SAP CEO Bill McDermott announced simplified pricing for indirect use at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, communication with SAP is still tedious. The manufacturer is known for gradually restricting its customers’ rights despite earlier agreements. Even the current court proceedings about indirect use speak volumes.

During USU World in Berlin, Aspera's SAP customers met at the KOSMOS cinema to discuss SAP and the cloud, indirect use, and the current release of LicenseControl for SAP®.

Experience shows that SAP account managers are often unable to explain to their customers which clauses of the contract have changed even when additional license fees are being demanded. But don’t give up. While SAP isn’t legally required to adjust contracts, if you’re persistent, they will remove certain clauses. However, as an SAP user, you still have to look at the details to determine which solution is the most cost effective.

But with an SAP licensing expert at your side, you’re not only well-equipped to handle all of SAP’s suggestions, you’ll also develop a counter offer to save even more money. Take a closer look at which SAP licenses you currently own and what rights they contain. Examine old licenses in particular. Which license types should you have and in which distribution? How high is your optimization potential? Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP® Software delivers a compact analysis that will help in your negotiations.

“Active Software Asset Management means making decisions consciously, financially and legally”, explains Dr. Jana Jentzsch, Jentzsch Society of IT Lawyers, Hamburg

Cut your total SAP licensing spend by 10%

Sharing information is the essence of innovation

Game changing Aspera products and services, a virtual tour of the Aspera Learning Universe, traditional or cloud SAM: Thanks to all customers, guests and colleagues who made USU World unforgettable once again. We look forward to welcoming you to the USU World 2018 in Bonn!

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