Nov 02, 2017

Easytrust is becoming Aspera France

After years of successfully collaborating with each other, Easytrust, based in Paris, has been acquired by Aspera parent company, USU Group. We couldn’t be more excited about this. Our expertise in Oracle license management as well as our product portfolio have complemented Aspera’s SmartTrack technology for years.

With the acquisition, both Aspera and Aspera France (formerly known as Easytrust) will develop their technologies and services together, ensuring that they are ready for future challenges in Software Asset Management.

Expanded software license management capabilities

There are numerous benefits for the customers. The combined technical and licensing expertise of Aspera and Aspera France is now available under one roof. SmartCollect, Easytrust’s inventory tool, has been fully integrated into the Aspera product portfolio, providing you with another tool in your software audit defense arsenal. It operates seamlessly with SmartTrack, and SmartCollect provides the data needed for both hardware inventory as well as strategic software asset management.

Get true discovery with SmartCollect

Benefit from our insider knowledge

The heart of Easytrust’s solutions has been its Oracle insider knowledge. That knowledge is now an integral part of Aspera, and it has already borne fruit. A specialized solution that ensures you pay the lowest price for Oracle licensing, LicenseControl for Oracle is what mergers like this are about: customer-oriented technology that brings together the best of both companies.

SmartCollect delivers data you can trust. By providing you a complete overview of your Oracle environment, it puts you on a level playing field in audits and renewal negotiations.

Trusted SAM solutions

With Aspera France, our customers will have an edge over the competition. Entrusting your software asset management to our solutions and services will free up spend and vital personnel. We will be your first line of defense in an audit, and your support team in a contract renewal. It is nice to trust.

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