Apr 11, 2017

Harness your superpowers…and meet us at the IAITAM Spring ACE

Spring has arrived and that means it’s time for the annual IAITAM Spring ACE. ITAM: Superhero for Business lands in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 2nd-4th and marks the 15th anniversary of the IAITAM.

Supersize your software asset management

Join Aspera, IAITAM, and hundreds of other IT Asset Management (ITAM) professionals to network, share experiences and take away methods that will bring about success, create efficiencies, reduce redundancy and uncover true savings.

As a proud event sponsor, we’ve put together three opportunities to learn from our expert software asset management (SAM) team during this engaging three day event.

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Unraveling the ITAM Spiderweb - May 2nd @ 10am (Modena 3)

Join SVP of Global Services Engineering, Robbie Plourde, on May 2nd for Selling your Success: Unraveling the ITAM Spiderweb to learn how to sell your ITAM program to key stakeholders, and gain essential support.

Harness your Spiderman superpowers – and follow the enormous web of IT Asset Management. From Procurement to Security, improve how ITAM interacts with other groups, and clarify the added value it brings to each department.

Once you’ve achieved external buy-in, discover how to leverage that influence to increase priority funding for your overall ITAM efforts. Get ready to put your SAM “spider-sense” to action, as we embark on a wall-crawling adventure sure to unite your ITAM strategy!

5 Steps to Supercharge your SAM Program - May 3rd @ 2:15pm (Modena 3)

Supercharge your SAM program on May 3rd with Senior ITAM/SAM Evangelist Bill Talbot, and learn how to identify 5 key stages of SAM maturity!

You’ve got SAM – in some state or another. But, how do you meet your organization’s changing needs and reach beyond basic software compliance?

ITAM Evangelist Bill Talbot guides you through five key stages of SAM Maturity, and identifies solutions to common challenges. Evolve your SAM program to superhero status as you discover how to push past ineffective spreadsheets, manual ITSM technologies and outdated discovery tools.

By properly defining protocols that leverage your data and resources, you’ll learn how to organize your team, align stakeholders, provide transparent communications, manage software governance, and bridge the critical gaps between people, process and technology.

Sky High: Mastering SAM in the Cloud - May 4th @ 12:30pm

Join Solution Engineer Allegra Silcox for her session on May 4th: Sky High: Mastering SAM in the Cloud.

Cloud adoption is racing ahead faster than a speeding bullet. Is your SAM program ready? Identify current risks – and expanded opportunities – in the cloud.

Using real-life examples from top vendors like Salesforce and Amazon (AWS), Allegra Silcox walks you through simple strategies to solve common SAM cloud challenges. By understanding how to optimize SaaS user licensing and minimize PaaS consumption risk, you’ll leave this session with a plan to face future cloud shifts with organized confidence.

Be a SAM superhero

Uncover your inner SAM superhero and meet the Aspera team at Booth #33!

Use the code ASPERA to get 40% off your three-day pass - Register now!

Visit the IAITAM Spring ACE website for full details
May 2nd – 4th, 2017
89044 Henderson, Nevada, 12300 LAS VEGAS BLVD S

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