Jul 08, 2020

6 Reasons to Use an ITAM Review Certified SAP License Management Tool

Aspera LicenseControl for SAP® is now certified by The ITAM Review for SAP license management.

The ITAM Review SAP license management certification is an independent certification, specifically for SAP Software Asset Management. The rigorous evaluation provides a helpful, independent guide for anyone on the market for an SAP license management solution.

SAP license management certification

This article explains 6 benefits that The ITAM Review SAP license management certification brings to an organization using LicenseControl for SAP.

1) Rigorous Standards

To meet ITAM Review's rigorous standard, Aspera had to demonstrate that LicenseControl for SAP could:

  • Identify and remove inactive and duplicate SAP named users.
  • Assign the correct user type against active users and authorizations.
  • Demonstrate ongoing monitoring and optimization of SAP licenses to maintain compliance.
  • Identify and manage indirect access and Digital Access.
  • Manage SAP licensing against specific business metrics and SAP packages.
  • Manage S/4HANA, on-premises and in the cloud

It’s a tall order, but these are the nuts and bolts of SAP licensing. To help our customers remain compliant and the most of their SAP investments, doing these tasks is a must.

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2) Criteria that matters to SAP customers

This is version 2.0 of ITAM Review's certification.

Since that last version, standards for Digital Access and S/4HANA – both big SAP licensing challenges for customers – have been added. We're the first SAP license management tool provider to earn this updated ITAM Review certification, so not only do we meet the standard, but we meet the standard of the challenges that SAP customers face right now.

3) SAP customers have a say

Speaking of customers, the certification process also includes independent interviews with our customers. This puts our claims about LicenseControl to the test. By verifying our solution’s capabilities with our customers, the ITAM certification proves we're not exaggerating.

SAP license management is a complicated process. That's a cliché, I know, but it's also the truth. So, it's also a chance to demonstrate that our consultants and SAP experts help with the set-up and implementation of LicenseControl for SAP – something just as important as the tool itself.

Our tool and people will have helped them reach their own SAP license management goals, otherwise those interviews would not have gone well.

4) Independent & Objective

ITAM Review is independent and unbiased. We've been talking the talk, but by undergoing the certification process, we had to walk the walk with one of the respected resources in the Software Asset Management industry.

Building and constantly perfecting an SAP license management tool is not easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it, even though many say they are doing it. The ITAM Review is a powerful bulls**t detector.

5) Certification makes a case for SAP license management

Every SAP customer's situation is different – just look at all the unique contracts SAP negotiates with them. One thing that isn’t different is those licenses’ complexity, which makes some organizations think twice about the upfront investment for managing them.

Many SAM managers have a tough time proving the value of managing or optimizing their SAP licenses to their bosses because of that complexity. A certification can be the right validation for the C-suite.

6) An SAP license management certification is just the beginning

It might be tempting to think that the certification is the be-all, end-all for choosing an SAP license management tool. It isn’t. It’s the starting point, because a tool is only half the solution.

The other half is people. Consider using this certification to whittle down your options and then get a proof of concept. You can see the SAP license management tool in action, meet the team implementing it, and see if the entire solution is the right fit for you.

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