Oct 10, 2019

Oracle License Optimization: How This Public Service Cut Costs in Half

How does a French public administration entity with over 11,000 employees and a responsibility for regulating and controlling a complex sector of the French economy take control of its Oracle licensing costs?

Its risk manager credits his successful Oracle license optimization collaboration with Aspera for cutting its Oracle software license costs.

How Oracle license optimization cut costs in half

A clear view of Oracle licensing

In an era of budget cuts, the organization’s administration wanted to reduce the cost of its Oracle solutions by 40% while ensuring compliance with its contracts. After an agreement couldn’t be reached with the publisher, the public administration entity embarked on an Oracle Software Asset Management project, calling on Aspera to get a clear view of its Oracle software expenditures.

The analysis of all Oracle licenses conducted by the Software Asset Management team showed that:

  • 15% of the licenses were not used
  • 16% of the database licenses did not justify the use of Oracle solutions
  • 10% had no added value after choosing not to migrate to the latest version
  • 9% did not provide any services, given that Oracle did not validate their technical architecture standard.

Contract reviews lead to Oracle software audit

The risk manager stressed the complexity of Oracle licensing clauses, which were often too expensive for the group’s requirements. Shortly after the organization’s request to review their Oracle contract, an audit was triggered.

Originally scheduled to last 45 days, the Oracle software audit took a year and a half to complete.

Questions about Oracle licensing compliance?

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Understanding Oracle’s complex business model

During this long audit period, Aspera helped the French public administration entity to understand Oracle’s business model, which is vague for the uninitiated. This entailed undergoing trial audits to prepare for real encounters with Oracle’s representatives and learning exactly which expenditures are required among the packages offered by the publisher.

Armed with this new knowledge, the organization is embarking on an ambitious plan to modify its architecture, and to effectively search for alternatives to the Oracle scripts they are required to use.

"Aspera gives us a view of compliance as well as the overall picture"

- Risk manager of French public administration entity

Cutting Oracle license costs in half

The collaboration between Aspera and the French public administrative entity enabled it to cut license expenses in half, with an ROI of three months. The organization’s staff quickly adopted and benefited from this new Oracle license management tool, which provides clarity and increases efficiencies.

The public organization does not intend to stop its momentum. It wants to conduct a similar compliance study for Microsoft license optimization, as well as a review of its Oracle Java license cost.

The risk manager added that the project “managed to demonstrate, first to our teams, then to the business line, that new technologies could provide a valuable way to achieve the set goals.”

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