Jan 03, 2019

3 Strategies to Orchestrate Pitch-Perfect SAM

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what Software Asset Management means for our customers, what really guides our focus. And how we support our customers in building the SAM business case to convey why SAM is a critical ingredient of business success. Listening to some masterpieces of classical music, I decided to explain what we do using the following idea.

3 Strategies to Orchestrate Pitch-Perfect Software Asset Management | SAM as a Symphony

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language explains Symphony beneath others as “Harmony…” and “Something characterized by a harmonious combination of elements”. And the dictionary definition below describes the noun symphony as “a composition of different elements.”

sym·pho·ny.“An elaborate musical composition for full orchestra, …” and ”…something regarded, typically favorably, as a composition of different elements…”

SAM as a symphony

Anyone who already works in Software Asset Management realizes, that SAM is most definitely a combination of different elements and its performance is a team effort. In many ways, achieving the targets in SAM are like planning, preparing and performing a symphony.

For a full orchestra to perform successfully, it’s not sufficient to have some people, a few instruments and a pile of paper with instructions. You need one vision, one who directs the team and a team willing to deliver to the point, in time with well trained skills, the right instruments, adequate knowledge, the will to practice and become better. So, a true work of mastery requires collaboration, precision, and dedication.

Like a symphony, successful SAM cannot be achieved by technology, in silos or without stakeholder investment. It doesn’t help to go for one instrument only or to add more and more instructions and content. Good SAM takes some time, patience, and attention to detail and a virtuous piece of SAM art is the balanced harmony of the entire SAM organization with the support (of course) of its different solutions and sometimes by external resources covering your start or missing “voices”.

Putting all this together, I’d like to share these 3 fundamental team-building strategies for improving your software license management results.

1. Your practice makes perfect

Software is the bassline of your business. It keeps your company performing. The instruments are technology, knowledge, people, and experience. When all these elements come together, the results are perfectly harmonized with what you need.

The art of Software Asset Management is like music: the more you do it, the more you practice, the better the results.

2. Your SAM is never a one-man show

Software Asset Management is many different players blending their talents. We all practice together and work as a team. The music has no required notes, although there is always a structure and language beneath. For a perfect “performance”, your team must bring precision, work, effort, frustration (sometimes), communication, trust, and improvement to the SAM stage.

The goal is to deliver a piece of work that is professional, ready to be consumed, and exceeds expectations.

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3. Your SAM tool amplifies your performance

Successful SAM is a carefully composed process. Your specialized software license management tool designs the song around you, giving quality results with a unique melody, not pre-synthesized music or average performance.

You need support from an experienced SAM team that works hard to be in harmony with what you need. There is a melody behind what we do; our tools and people give you the complete score needed to make your software investment work.

You deserve orchestrated results that resonate

So, join the orchestra, and don’t be a soloist. Talk to us, because we at Aspera understand your need for SAM as a Symphony. And like to perform.

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