Mar 28, 2018

Protect your Salesforce Investment with Data Protection and Cost Control

Our award-winningSalesforce license management solution is now updated with new features to lower your costs with a centralized view of all Salesforce Org accounts and usage.

LicenseControl for Salesforce is the only license management product on the market that gives you a full overview of all of your Salesforce Orgs, helping you to control and reduce license purchasing. By tracking usage, LicenseControl tells you which accounts are necessary and which can be reassigned to other employees. It’s also a valuable tool for reassigning accounts when employees leave the organization.

Protect your Salesforce investment

But protecting your Salesforce investment doesn’t start and end with usage monitoring. Increasing efficiency and protecting your data are just some of the other ways LicenseControl for Salesforce secures your Salesforce investment for the future.

The newly updated features of LicenseControl for Salesforce let you:

  • Reduce your usage. Make sure that people who are licensed for Salesforce are actually using it. Deactivate unused accounts, analyze inactivity hotspots, and monitor unexpected consumption and over-limit charges.
  • Reduce your purchases. Get the full view of your license inventory to avoid unnecessary purchasing and keep costs down, such as automatically reusing licenses and seeing where to transfer subscriptions.
  • Monitor account costs. View all Salesforce Orgs together—instead of just one Org at a time—to see the full picture of your company’s costs for account-based licenses and total consumption across Orgs.
  • NEW! Monitor storage costs. LicenseControl shows how close you are to the storage allowed by your contract, so you can avoid increased costs from high charges when your data or files go over the limits.
  • NEW! Protect user data. LicenseControl isolates the customer’s cloud data and stores it by geographical region, which is great for upcoming GDPR rules and compliance with your country’s data protection laws.

Salesforce is an essential business tool, but without careful monitoring, it can run up your costs instead of driving your revenue. LicenseControl for Salesforce lets you restore the balance, and keep the focus on efficient, result-driven customer relations.

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