Apr 29, 2020

Reduce Software Costs Now: How to Lose Licensing Weight and Gain Agility

Did you know that software license management can help you reduce software costs now? Here are some easy ways to lose that pesky licensing flab today – and gain a leaner, more agile licensing environment.

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Reduce software costs instantly – keep money in your pocket

Make software license management a central part of your software request processes. Ensure that you’re not spending money on licenses you already have or on redundant programs and services. Use a Software Asset Management tool with easily configurable workflows to check for any available licenses the company might already own, so you avoid spending extra money and ensure software license compliance.

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3 easy tips to reduce software costs – lose the licensing flab, gain flexibility

When things are going well, we’re more willing to let over-licensing, unused licenses and subscriptions, and excess services slide. We can handle a little bit of waste. But in times like now when budgets need to be tightened, unnecessary costs are a crucial problem to combat.

Here are three simple ways you can easily reduce software costs:

  1. Check your contract end dates. Cost intensive contracts that are coming to an end should be renegotiated to reflect real needs and actual usage, saving you money in the long-term.
  2. Re-harvest your buy-as-you-go licenses. Get a complete overview of your licenses and use what you have before purchasing any new licenses. You can’t get the money back once it’s spent, so make sure to keep it in your wallet.
  3. Optimize your pay-as-you-go contracts. Like your water bill, you pay only for what you use. The less you use, the less you pay. During a contract renewal, pay attention to the peaks and valleys in your usage, so you can lower your minimum charges based on real need.


With so many employees now working from home, you might see an increase in some services. If these contracts also contain usage maximums, you risk paying overage fees for the additional capacity.

Check your SaaS contracts – to lose those last 5 pounds

While a lot of your long-term SaaS contracts enforce you to true-up to increase the number of licenses needed to meet your requirements, they rarely allow you to true-down as easily. This means that your contract may contain far more licenses than you need, and you’re now paying for licenses that you’re not using.

It’s important that you renegotiate these contracts once they’ve expired. Make sure that the new contracts include true-up and true-down options, giving you the greatest range of flexibility in your licensing environment.

Prep for a rise in software compliance audits

Software vendors are losing money and that means an uptick in software compliance audit activity. But you know it’s coming, so you can prepare. The best way to reduce software costs and avoid penalty fees:

  • monitor your usage
  • re-harvest licenses
  • true-up to cover any under-licensing

With a software license management tool, you can be sure to avoid a gut punch while you’re still catching your breath. Relax and breathe easily, knowing that you’ve trimmed your licensing environment and you’re ready for even the toughest weigh-ins.

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