Feb 15, 2018

Aspera’s SAM Savings Calculator: The secret to smarter, healthier, sexier l

Our product will save you so much money it hurts.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. In fact, outside of suggesting that a product is going to turn you into the sexiest person this side of a fashion show, it’s the most common marketing claim. Laughably cliché and often desperately inaccurate.

But we’ve got the goods! Aspera’s software asset management products can save you thousands, tens of thousands, and maybe even millions of dollars!

Wait! Don’t close your browser just yet! We’re not kidding.

Save up to 30% with software license management

Gartner notes that I&O and procurement leaders responsible for buying software asset management tools can use a savings calculator to evaluate and justify SAM investments. In the report, Toolkit: Evaluate Software Asset Management Savings with SAM Tool Justification Calculator, "Gartner clients that improve their SAM license optimization capabilities typically report up to 30% software spending reductions within one year." (ID: G00303174; Hank Marquis et al; Refreshed: 24 October 2017 | Published: 12 May 2016.)

Software license management is an essential cost-saving instrument for organizations. According to Erwin Yuen, managing director in Deloitte Advisory’s Software Asset Management practice, organizations often overspend on software licenses:

If a company does not have a good picture of their software landscape, they could end up renewing $50 million dollars of licenses when they are truly only using $20 million worth of licenses.

Software Asset Management Savings Calculator

Just to show you how serious we are about the cost savings generated from software license optimization, we’ve put together a SAM Savings Calculator. Use your own software budget to see what your savings potential is.

It’s really easy to use. The customized calculator is composed of use-cases that show exactly where and how software license management software might potentially save you money.

Software Asset Management Calculator

Estimate your SAM savings

In the example below, our SAM Savings Calculator shows the potential savings that a SAM tool offers by evaluating the full value of every software license. By knowing what your product use rights are, and how to correctly apply them, significant savings can result for your organization.

For this use-case, just enter your software budget, and then choose how high and low your savings might be by entering a value in the Conservative and Best Case scenario boxes. That’s it!

The calculator automatically generates two potential savings numbers, and you can adjust those accordingly by entering new values.

Customized software license management use-cases

There are six additional use-cases that cover how Software Asset Management can:

  1. Improve contract management
  2. Control maintenance costs
  3. Use existing license resources (re-harvesting)
  4. Simulate the most cost effective licensing scenarios 
  5. Support software license audit defense
  6. Automate processes to increase efficiencies

At the end, we also provide a forecast of your potential savings for the first year. It couldn’t be simpler. And the best part? It’s free. Now that’s sexy.

Software Asset Management Calculator

How much you can save with software asset management?

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