Jan 11, 2018

What’s Trending for SAM and Cloud in 2018

If you need a clearer picture of what Software Asset Management challenges you’ll face in 2018 – and what your company-wide cloud costs will be, join our webinar on February 7th for an in-depth look at the trends, processes, tools, and strategies that will help you cut through the SAM confusion.

2018 SAM Trends

Exploring SAM trends

First up, Steven Russman, executive director of the International Business Software Managers Association, will talk about what’s driving SAM and software license management in 2018. Russman will bring his unique perspective to the trends and hurdles you can expect to face, based on the association’s latest research. IBSMA has been surveying its members for 11 years and more than 2,000 organizations have contributed their SAM processes, challenges, and successes.

Taking a look back at the state of SAM for 2017, Russman will consider what’s changed and evolved over the past five years. “Some things we expected to see, but there are some surprises too,” he says. “Overall in 2017 we saw only a small increase in software under management when compared to 2012 in terms of spending. Perhaps organizations are re-evaluating and refocusing or digesting and improving on the existing programs.”

Are software license audits changing?

The IBSMA research also focuses on which software vendors are auditing who and how software license audits have changed over the last 5 years. Get ready to be surprised.

"Compliance programs are a growth industry for software companies,” says Russman. “And I don’t mean that in a negative way. It’s a growing revenue stream and unless your company has been able to remove the audit clause from your software agreements, you’re going to be audited by a growing list of publishers in the next few years.

Improving your software license management

So how can you get more of your organization’s software under control, defend against software license audits, and lower software costs? “Our data reveals a lot about what makes for a successful Software Asset Management program and what you, as a software manager, can do or focus on to position your program for success,” says Russman.

Russman’s insights and data will help you to benchmark your SAM program against others, and learn how other companies are talking on cloud challenges and building robust programs to meet the challenges of 2018 and beyond. For example, the number of staff people assigned to SAM functions at organizations is on the rise: a good sign that the role of Software Asset Management is becoming more valued.

Using software license optimization to control software costs, managing software license audits and staying proactive about software compliance continue to drive Software Asset Management efforts at companies worldwide. SAM programs grow because savvy organizations know software costs and under-licensing risks can quickly spiral out of control—especially in the cloud—if not carefully managed by experts who know the nuances of myriad software vendor programs.

Proven strategies for SAM in the cloud

The second half of this one-hour webinar features Aspera Technologies Senior Systems Engineer Allegra Silcox sharing her proven strategies to solve common cloud software asset management challenges.

This is not a sales pitch. Allegra will draw on real-life examples from top vendors like Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Amazon (AWS), and Adobe to show how improving your Software Asset Management processes leads to better cloud licensing control.

At the end of this webinar, you’ll know how to optimize SaaS user licensing, minimize PaaS consumption risk, and most important, how to cut your cloud licensing costs.

2-Part Webinar: The Key to Understanding SAM Trends and Cloud Costs. This free webinar is a co-production of IBSMA and Aspera. For questions, contact IBSMA at 1 (734) 930-1925 or e-mail Services(at)IBSMA.com.


The International Business Software Managers Association (IBSMA) is an international association of 8,000-plus business-focused software asset management (SAM) professionals working together to develop and promote SAM best practices and education. Visit IBSMA.com for details.

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Comments (3):

wrote on

Thank you for organizing the trends in 'SAM and Cloud' Webinar next week. Some of the topics I hope to learn more about if applicable for this session:

1. If known, which mega vendors are expected to audit the most in the coming year(s)?

2. Was the move by Adobe in 2016 an isolated vendor instance to stop audits in the EU and US? Is this vendor's move relevant overall in the SAM picture in 2018?

3. On a higher level, what is the expected percentage of cloud based licensing in 2018 and moving forward (compared to on premises traditional licensing)? Can you demonstrate how Aspera or other discovery tools will account for such licensing schemes?

Off Topic (possibly for other product specific Webinars)

1. What is the best practice for the constant name and re-branding challenges in the industry? For instance, Dell acquired EMC which held VMware. Now there is the possibility that VMware may reverse the takeover. This question is more relevant to the software catalog and keeping titles up to date during the normalization phase.

2. How do organizations deal with End of Life (EOL) software? What are the risks to be aware of besides the security vulnerabilities of using EOL titles (from an auditing perspective).

Please note that I am only posting my thoughts on items which I see as relevant in 2018 at least from my perspective.

wrote on

Thank you again for organizing yesterday's Webinar on trends in 2018. Very informative as always. I don't mean to bombard you with inquiries but a few comments on the session:

1. Using Apsera SmartTrack, do you have an online reference or screenshot to capture the titles for cloud based providers such as ServiceNow? To be more specific, does SmartTrack capture the roles of ServiceNow users such as those with 'Report' visibility. I'd like to learn more about the way the titles and usage are tracked.

2. The Adobe audit trend is still of interest to me. The survey results may be correct in the sense that Adobe is one of the top vendors who contacted your base. Perhaps the reference I provided is covering another aspect in SAM.

Thanks as always for providing these Webinars!

wrote on

One more comment for discussion with reference to a decade ago when companies really started looking at SAM seriously. With recent events in the market, can we presume that software vendors may again look at auditing programs more aggressively? Please note that I do not expect Aspera or anyone for that matter to be able to predict the future. These are just thoughts which may influence the industry during the next economic cycle.