Apr 01, 2020

Highlights from SAMS DACH 2020

Aspera was once again proud to attend the SAMS DACH 2020. The SAMS DACH is Europe’s largest annual gathering of Software Asset Management professionals. Over 400 Software Asset Managers, license managers, and IT procurement specialists attended from all over the German-speaking world.

Image of busy convention floor | SAMS DACH 2020

The event is an opportunity to share the latest ideas and strategies for software license management. Aspera supported the event as a “Lead Partner” and will serve again as “Lead Partner” for next year’s event as well.

Cloud software asset management

The cloud was on everyone’s mind! But participants and experts were all in agreement: cloud software asset management is not the same for every cloud. There are different challenges and hurdles in many areas. For some, the problems are managing server infrastructure services, such as Azure, AWS, and Google. Others are just now starting their cloud journey by moving to various SaaS solutions and haven’t started with SaaS optimization.

The general consensus was that now’s the time to take the expertise and experiences from the SAM pioneers and apply it to the cloud. An argument which Gerrit Gipmans, Product Manager at Aspera, made thoroughly in the pre-event workshop, “Cloudy with a Chance for Transparency and Optimization in the Cloud”.

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Software asset management solving new licensing challenges

The talks at the two-day event provided many new insights. By and large, most customers have a good handle on the classic Software Asset Management concerns, but they are faced with many new challenges – whether it’s managing open source code and technologies or dealing with the complexities of individual vendors such as SAP and Oracle whose continuous changes in their licensing programs demand ever more attention.

But the most important takeaway was this: SAM stakeholders and license managers have to stick together. Knowledge and expertise need to be shared. And that’s the essence of SAMS DACH.

SAMS award winners announced

SAMS DACH ended by recognizing achievements in the field. Aspera customer, ThyssenKrupp, was honored with a top award for the project “Integrated Lifecycle Management for Company-Wide Full-Cloud Contracts”. Congratulations to all!

Aspera looks forward to seeing you next year in Berlin at SAMS DACH 2021. The 9th annual event will take place on February 25th and 26th.

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