Feb 12, 2019

Love Letter to SAM

Why do I love you, Software Asset Management? Let me count the ways! From the heart of Aspera — just in time for Valentine’s Day — here are 10 great reasons to fall in love with SAM.

loveletter software asset management
  1. Your love is electric and automatic. I don’t want to date a robot, even though recent sci-fi movies tell me that is okay. But I love how you make my life fuller with automated features such as software license re-harvesting, capacity management, and contract notifications.
  2. You show me what’s important. I don’t need ITSM request tickets or security patches to remind me of what I need. Your dashboard charts and graphs are elegant, and your KPIs help me see the essential things in life each day.
  3. I feel connected through you. You have beautiful features for easy integration across all of our existing systems. They connect me to server infrastructure, discovery tools, cloud services, and procurement applications. I only have eyes for you, SAM.
  4. Our love is a treasure. You’re such an amazing asset that I wouldn’t even mind spending all my money on you. But luckily, I don’t have to! You came to me as a cost-efficient solution that keeps showing me new and better ways to save on software licensing.
  5. You add vision and transparency. You provide insight into myself and the server environment around me. Through your loving view into virtualization, clusters, and topology, I see our data center more clearly and know my true path to optimizing their architecture.
  6. You make my workload easier. I love how you take on the tedious tasks of software license management. You measure our usage and monitor software compliance risk, which frees me for my core business role. It’s like you wash the dishes, and then I watch you put them away.
  7. You help me make the hard choices. You do the tough work of managing all the gossip so I’m on top of the joiners, movers, and leavers. You let me know whether someone is dabbling in shadow IT, so I can quickly decide whether to re-harvest or deactivate those licenses.
  8. I will grow and mature. I will commit to the tool implementation and your newly streamlined configurations. I’ll learn how a hybrid of cloud and on-premises will give me greater maturity and depth. We can even open our relationship up sometimes — the more, the merrier.
  9. You help me every day. My life has changed since meeting you, SAM. Each daily decision is easier, and managing my day-to-day tasks is a seamless process. Now I can put my energy into nurturing and growing our organization, knowing that our licenses are in good hands. 
  10. We can plan a future together. With you by my side, I have a roadmap for life — or at least, how to forecast my transition to the cloud. You help me to see what’s important in terms of licensing costs, controlling consumption, contract negotiation, and true cost avoidance.

Software asset management designed around you

On this Valentine’s Day, get clear about what you love, not just who you love. Talk to Aspera about how our software license management experts can support you throughout your SAM journey. We’re not just your one-night SAM. We’re here for the long-term relationship.

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