Mar 08, 2017

The Hour of SAM Managers: SAM Conférence Paris Best Practices

Opportunities, master plans, traps: Pressure is building on organizations to offer effective Software Asset Management. Interest in case studies has never been higher. The second SAM conference in Paris confirmed this. A total of 180 SAM specialists from all parts of France — twice the number who attended in 2015 — gathered last fall in Paris at the Duplex to discuss the next SAM steps needed to manage powerhouse vendors like Oracle, IBM, SAP and Microsoft.

Speakers from Aspera, EasyTrust and ITAM Review discussed how SAM could be successfully introduced. The consulting firms Deloitte, Amettis and iMuo were also on hand for discussions.

Here are our Top 4 takeaways from the event:

  1. The contract spells it all out: Defend yourself in an audit!
  2. Good SAM managers are in demand: Are you ready?
  3. SAM needs CEO priority: Convince with fast ROI!
  4. Implement your strategic SAM: Right now!

1. The contract spells it all out: Exhaust every legal avenue!

The ruling against the U.S. software company Oracle by a Parisian appeals court in a conflict with the French AFPA (the National Association for Adult Vocational Training) has demonstrated that courts have begun to favor users.

Eléonore Varet, a lawyer at Easy Trust who specializes in IT law, discussed the latest legal rulings regarding software asset management in France. The contract is binding as the basis for an audit. Software makers must comply with this rule and may not take steps that go beyond what has been stipulated, by doing such things as imposing a different audit methodology or a new schedule. In connection with the management of virtualization environments, the manufacturer may not unilaterally make retroactive changes to the valid metric.

Conclusion: A broad range of legal steps can be taken to fight such audit practices. They just have to be applied.

2. Good SAM managers are in demand: Are you ready?

People, processes, and technology: These are the most critical aspects in the implementation of a SAM project, according to a new survey by ITAM Review. The goal is to bring in the most important stakeholders at an early stage. This group consists of end users, internal IT teams and management.

The ITAM market is growing, and the complexity of software asset management is increasing. But there is a shortage of specialists and demand for good SAM managers has never been so great. The role of the IT manager is changing: He or she is no longer just an administrator. The SAM Manager has transformed into a communicator, technology driver and networker.

Read more about the ITAM Review’s SAM Paris observations in Martin Thompson’s article.

3. SAM needs CEO priority: Convince with fast ROI!

As part of a global multi-stage project, the world’s largest bio-tech company Roche implemented Aspera’s SmartTrack platform. Total operating costs were lowered, global software license services provided, licenses optimized, compliance assured and proactive software asset management practiced.

The benefits provided by integrating SmartTrack within a comprehensive, precisely implemented SAM process quickly became apparent. Recently honored by the ITAM Review Excellence Awards, SAM@Roche reached ROI in less than 18 months and achieved more than $20m CHF license demand savings, and more than $70m CHF in demand savings since 2014.

SAM@Roche’s conclusion:

  • Support from a company's top management is the crucial success factor
  • Be aware of the complexity: 80% of a project affects processes and 20% the tool
  • A multi-phase approach: do not roll out all manufacturers at once

4. Implement strategic SAM right now!

As the industry leader for strategic SAM solutions and services for over 16 years, the SmartTrack platform helps organizations correctly allocate licenses to reveal high-risk compliance gaps before long-term, costly errors are made. A web-based interface and built-in system connectors allow SmartTrack to be scaled and integrated into any IT landscape, delivering full ROI and up to 30% savings in less than 12 months.

In 2016, a number of organizations were awarded top honors for their strategic SAM success using SmartTrack, saving millions in licensing costs.

Keep up the momentum!

Meet our French software asset management team in 2017:

Whether you’re just starting out in your SAM journey or are ready to discover benefits beyond compliance, contact Guillaume Parsy at Aspera France!

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