Nov 22, 2017

How to Turn a Software Audit into a Savings Opportunity

Only one year after Hungarian public roads agency, Magyar Közút implemented SAP software, SAP announced its first software license audit. Headquartered in Budapest, Közút employs approximately 5300 staff, and organizes road operations in 19 counties, with 93 engineering sites.

The government agency needed to prepare for the audit quickly. Up until this point, they had only been doing Software Asset Management with spreadsheets, and company management assumed that they were over-licensed.

Learn how Közút turned their upcoming SAP software audit into an opportunity to save 7% on its total SAP licensing costs – and strategically position their overall Software Asset Management program for future success!

How much can you save?

No time for a SAM tool

With limited planning time available, Közút needed to know what they were really spending on SAP software. To prepare for SAP software audit negotiations, Közút used Aspera’s Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP® Software to generate a fast view of savings potential without having to install or buy an additional tool.

The proven Aspera technology behind Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP taps in-house consultants to create a consolidated overview of licenses, user accounts and software usage. From there, the current software contracts and license balance are expertly analyzed to evaluate compliance and show how licensing costs should be reduced.

In this particular case, project goals included:

  • License compliance results prior to the audit with SAP
  • Quick overview of 1,700 SAP Named Users
  • Expert analysis of active SAP contracts, use rights, and licensing needs
  • Strengthen and improve negotiation position with SAP

The Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP gave Közút quick results that were customized to their specific needs, and access to SAP licensing specialists to prepare for the upcoming audit. The balance showed that the agency was indeed over-licensed.

"Our assumption that we would be able to save a considerable amount of money for SAP licenses was right. Aspera’s analysis and service certainly can be an “eye-opener” for other companies as well. Doing the analysis one year after starting with SAP was a big advantage because we benefited from high data quality." - Tibor Nemes-Nagy, General Manager and CEO, PLC Magyar Közút

Customized SAP compliance and negotiation support

To support Közút in audit preparations, the Rapid Vendor Analysis compared existing SAP license types with a simulation of recommended license types. Then, an in-house Aspera SAP Consultant personally reviewed the results with Közút so they would better understand their licensing needs and available options.

Now the agency could use the SAP audit to their own financial advantage. When SAP offered a huge package of licensing models, Közút used the results from the Rapid Vendor Analysis to gain a stronger negotiation position and give their own licensing suggestions to SAP. This critical information allowed for a 7% reduction in license costs.

The project was supported by Aspera’s partner LicenseCore, a key player for Software Asset Management services in the Hungarian market. Services include one-time and regular license compliance evaluation, vendor audit defense and strategic Software Asset Management solution deployments. LicenseCore’s consultants offer more than 10 years of deep-insights and expertise in SAM and have previously worked for the key vendors, such as IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Hassle-free, risk-free license analysis

The technology behind Rapid Vendor Analysis offers an overview of license compliance and cost-saving insights through license optimization. In this case, Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP performed a one-time analysis of Közút’s usage, licensing, costs and financial risks as preparation for the pending SAP software audit.

Often used as an entry-path to SAM, experienced SAP license consultants loaded Közút’s usage data into Aspera tools, analyzed it, and created optimization reports that suggested changes to better optimize the use of SAP applications.

In the end, Közút received a full understanding of their licensing position at that point in time, with an overview of the “before and after” optimization. These basic insights and action items are used to lower licensing costs, usage and risks for a software vendor.

The Rapid Vendor Analysis process provides unique savings opportunities because it offers:

  • Ease of use, easy data transfer
  • Clear overview of SAP spending and compliance position
  • No strings attached, a perfect introduction to strategic SAM
  • No tool to install, integrate, or maintain

In tandem, the service gives access to professional support from Aspera Consulting to ensure:

  • Deep understanding of the customer’s needs
  • Experts in SAP’s licensing rules
  • High responsiveness and flexibility
  • Negotiation strategy support
  • Efficient project handling within the planned budget

Future savings plan: full-featured Software Asset Management

In 2018, Közút intends to purchase and implement, LicenseControl for SAP® Software and the SmartTrack license management and optimization tool. These measures will guarantee continuous control of future SAP spending.

The company also plans to add further software vendors to its new Software Asset Management program to ensure the ongoing cost savings that only a dedicated full-featured Software Asset Management technology and an internal SAM team can provide.

How much can you save?

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