Sep 12, 2019

3 Fool Proof SaaS Spend Management Strategies to Stop Over-Spending on SaaS

A few years ago, cloud cost management and SaaS spend management was not a top priority for many companies. This isn’t surprising when you think about the fact that at first glance, the cloud makes everything “easier”.

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By moving software solutions off-premises, Software as a Service (SaaS) gives you quick and easy access to the programs that drive business growth. You no longer need to worry about your business expanding faster than your infrastructure, because with SaaS, you can scale-up your software within minutes, bounding over the hurdles associated with on-premises installations.

Yet even as the cloud has made your software more flexible and responsive to your business needs, it still costs money. A lot of money. According to the ITAM Review, “Software-as-a-Service expenditure will overtake perpetually-licensed software spend in 2019.” Salesforce, a cloud-first and cloud-only CRM tool saw revenue “in excess of $10 billion in 2018 and they are seeking to double that by 2022.”

That’s your money. If you want to keep it to reinvest in your own initiatives, you need to build SaaS spend optimization practices to keep your SaaS subscription spend in check.

Here are 3 ways that SaaS spend management software like Aspera’s LicenseControl for Cloud will help you protect your cloud software investment.

Spend smarter in the cloud

How will SaaS spend management software improve your cloud spend management?

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Control your cloud cost

The first step in SaaS spend management is accessing the knowledge and insight you need to get the most cost-effective SaaS subscriptions. Doing so helps you rein in costs in your existing SaaS environment.

With detailed reports driven by robust data gathered directly from vendor APIs, LicenseControl for Cloud shows you exactly how your company’s cloud software investment is being used, as well as opportunities for cloud cost optimization.

Know your SaaS usage

The speed and ease of deploying a SaaS solution has left many companies with the challenge of knowing which solutions are being used in their environment, who is using them, and how often.

SaaS spend management tools like LicenseControl for Cloud connect directly to vendor APIs to get detailed usage data, and then display that data in easy-to-use reports. LicenseControl can also store and read contract and purchase data from SaaS solutions, giving you a complete and centralized overview of your SaaS subscriptions.

Make the most of your cloud investment

Here’s how SaaS spend management software like LicenseControl goes further. Our cloud cost management platform includes features for customizable, automatic, and intelligent control of your environment.

LicenseControl connects directly to the vendor API, gathering available usage data to create reports that suggest license upgrades and downgrades, and its customizable workflows can automatically detect and deactivate unused and underused subscriptions. Additionally, it can suggest better subscription and service configurations by tracking usage.

Customer-driven SaaS spend optimization

The foundations for LicenseControl for Cloud were built in close cooperation with our customers who recognized early the need to control their SaaS environment to prevent cost overruns. Together we prioritized the most important concerns and vendors to create the basis for a superior SaaS management solution.

For example, our cloud cost management platform has features for managing Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions. This lets customers track usage and find the right subscription configurations for their creative needs.

According to Olaf Diehl, Business Unit Manager for Marketing and Product Management at Aspera, “We worked to develop a solution that would meet customers’ current software management needs, but one that also looked ahead to future concerns.

LicenseControl drills down to the elementary data structures and combines those with sophisticated metric engines to produce accurate compliance reports, gives customers the tools to control their subscriptions, and provides comprehensive recommendations for optimizing their environments.”

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