Mar 10, 2017
SAP vs Diageo: Indirect Access

SAP vs. Diageo: What You Need To Do Right Now About Indirect Access

SAP "Indirect Access" is getting a lot of attention following the recent court ruling between SAP UK Limited and global drinks company Diageo. SAP customers around the world are left wondering who will be next – and what will the price tag be. Leading SAP licensing expert Guido Schneider outlines how you can stay protected against indirect access.

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Dec 22, 2016
Understanding Oracle Java license cost

Understanding Oracle Java SE License Cost

Software vendors are determined to recover declining revenues as customers are moved to the cloud. Recently, it has been reported that Oracle will start auditing customers for Java usage, a software which is free to use under certain restrictions. Although this news has not been confirmed by the software provider, it is always smart to be proactively prepared. Learn how to accurately track Java usage and protect yourself against costly audit risk.

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