Jan 26, 2017

SAM Round Table, Part 2: A Surprising Story of “Value”

SAM teams are constantly challenged to describe what we are doing and what its impact really is. How does managing and optimizing your software assets actually affect the company’s bottom line? As your SAM program matures beyond license management and compliance, the true business value and reach of SAM comes into focus.

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Jan 12, 2017

SAM Round Table, Part 1: Winning the Savings Showdown

Savings is obviously a huge driver for SAM. But how do you define and measure those savings? As a primary step, it’s crucial to spell out the basic terms of "cost avoidance" and "cost savings". This helps a SAM team to organize goals, and get buy-in from decision-makers by clearly establishing the financial advantages that a SAM program delivers.

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Jan 04, 2017
Living SAM: 2017 Trends

Living SAM: Top 2017 Trends

In the truest sense of the term, Software Asset Management (SAM) is a dynamic discipline. The software industry is constantly evolving and effective SAM needs to be nurtured, quickly adapting to complex market demands. As we enter 2017, it’s a good opportunity to take a closer look at top SAM focus areas for the upcoming year.

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