Dec 14, 2017
Cut software costs with re-harvesting

How Re-Harvesting Cuts Your Software Costs

Is your organization paying for software that’s not used or needed? You’re not alone. Learn how to easily cut software costs using an automated process that defines and identifies unused or underused software called re-harvesting. By removing software installations or reassigning user-based licenses, you’ll build cost savings and increase your SAM impact.

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Aug 30, 2017
The juggling act: balancing cost, risk & speed

Building Your SAM Strategy at the 2017 Gartner IT Summit

The Gartner IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit 2017 hits Nashville and London this month. Find out how to improve your Software Asset Management strategy while networking and learning from industry leaders in IT Finance, IT Procurement, IT Asset Management, and IT Vendor Management.

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