Sep 19, 2018
3 Simple Steps to Cloud Software Asset Management

How to Protect your Software Investment in the Cloud

Israel’s recent decision to not move its licensing to the cloud and end its Microsoft software contract highlights some important concerns about subscription-based software solutions. With challenges ranging from data control to vendor lock-in, here’s how a Cloud Software Asset Management solution prepares you for an eventual software vendor change and maximize your cloud licensing investment.

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Jul 17, 2018
Cloud Software Asset Management | How to Stop SaaS from Eating-up Your Software Budget

A Tribute to Pacman: How to Stop SaaS from Eating-up Your Software Budget

SaaS subscriptions are widely accessible which makes them a challenge to control and difficult to track. And without proper oversight, subscription software will quickly deplete your budget, rather than grow your business efficiencies. Learn how to uncover hidden cost savings for your organization using software license management strategies to control and optimize big money Cloud Apps.

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Aug 23, 2017
Top 6 Microsoft Licensing Secrets

6 Must-Knows to Win at Microsoft Licensing

As one of the world’s largest software vendors, Microsoft products are essential for your day-to-day business operations. Microsoft licensing should be a top financial priority, so understanding your assets and environments is critical. But with evolving technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing, Microsoft’s server license metrics are more complex than ever. Read our Top 6 Microsoft Licensing Must-Knows to stay compliant and be fully prepared to manage challenges in Microsoft licensing.

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