Mar 08, 2018

Building SAM Success: Bitmarck’s Thomas Stange on USU World

Now in its 9th year, USU World has evolved into an esteemed annual conference for all subsidiaries of the USU Group, offering technology professionals the exclusive opportunity to experience the IT digital revolution through engaging educational and networking opportunities.

On June 6th-7th, 500 specialists and managers from more than 170 companies will convene in Bonn to collaborate and be inspired by global industry experts. This year’s theme "Get in touch with your digital future" focuses on how to use IT digital transformation to advance business opportunities.

We recently sat down with Head of SAM, Thomas Stange of Bitmarck who talked about what he gained from attending last year’s USU World – and why he’s looking forward to returning to the conference in 2018.

Q: Based on your experience at USU World 2017, why do you plan on returning in 2018?

What I enjoyed the most about last year’s event was having the opportunity to exchange ideas with other SAM Professionals and peers, and to learn more about current Software Asset Management and licensing trends. As an Aspera customer, I also found it extremely helpful to have direct contact with the team on site.

Q: Why do you feel it’s important to attend USU World?

The three main reasons I think it’s important to attend USU World are the access to top-notch educational sessions, the unique chance to network with my SAM peers, and the value of being able to connect with Aspera licensing experts in person.

Q: Why are these reasons valuable to you?

It is much more efficient for me to get information and impressions about SAM in a concentrated format like USU World versus a newsletter, mailings or phone calls. Although these other channels are helpful, face to face communication will always be the most effective learning source – especially when dealing with complex topics like Software Asset Management.

Q: What session did you find the most beneficial last year?

I found Mathias Knops’ discussion session “MORE IBM: Beyond compliance – Adding value not penalties” really useful last year. The interactive session provided a lot of insights about SmartTrack and ILMT from both Mathias (then Aspera Head of Product Management, currently Aspera Chief Operating Officer), as well as Christian Müller (Aspera Licensing Consultant) and Simon Nedess, (Deloitte Senior Manager).

Q: How would you describe your experience at USU World to someone who has never been there?

It is a great opportunity to think outside the box instead of staying isolated in your own work. USU World is the perfect platform to talk to like-minded Software Asset Managers!

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