Nov 16, 2020

What is ISO 27001 and How Does it Help Keep Your Data Secure?

Aspera GmbH is certified by TüV Rheinland, the German Technical Inspection Association for the Rhineland, as compliant with ISO 27001, an international information security standard. This means that Aspera software license management customers and partners benefit from the established rigorous processes and policies which protect customer data and critical business infrastructure at every level.

What is ISO 27001 and How Does it Help Keep Your Data Secure | Aspera Blog

Securing business critical data means more than making your firewalls work and resetting passwords twice a year. It requires a mindset change in the whole group, so that security is a main concern at the start of every project. Often it requires making sure the doors and windows are locked at night and that colleagues don’t accidentally leave sensitive documents in the printer or on the lunch table.

Why is ISO 27001 certification important?

The goal of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard is to provide a more expansive approach to information security as well as to lay a foundation for evaluating information security at an organization. In accordance with this standard, Aspera GmbH has implemented a rigorous information security policy, a policy that is enforced by every employee and at every stage.

Certification according to ISO 27001 ensures that processes and responsibilities for safeguarding information are in place. For example, all information assets are held to relevant standards of confidentiality, accuracy and completeness, and availability. Clear chains of responsibility have been established to ensure that all information assets are protected, and security requirements are met. These requirements include areas like tracking user identity and access, registering and deregistering users from software use depending on their stage in the employee lifecycle, securing facilities, and regularly testing data management and network security.

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