Jun 12, 2019

How to Respond When Your Cloud Subscription Plan Vanishes

One of the major drawbacks with cloud software is that you don’t own the software, you subscribe to a service. This type of cloud subscription software is known as SaaS (Software as a Service). It’s important to understand that the underlying features of your subscription software service can change at a moment’s notice, leaving you to deal with the cloud cost management and software license compliance consequences.

Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plan removed leaving customers unprotected against potential audit risk

Adobe cuts cheapest Creative Cloud plan

Adobe’s recent decision to cut its most affordable Creative Cloud subscription plan has riled subscribers and left them potentially at risk of infringement claims by third-parties. Until last month, the Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription plan with cheapest cost was the “Photography plan”. This Creative Cloud subscription included 20GB of cloud storage and cost approximately $10/month. Following Adobe’s elimination of this budget Creative Cloud plan, the new least expensive Adobe Creative Cloud subscription cost has basically now doubled at approximately $21 USD.

To make matters worse, any subscriber still using one of these cheaper plans could be sued by third-party companies such as Dolby. In an unrelated lawsuit, Dolby is currently suing Adobe over copyright infringement and breach of contract.

Scope of software license compliance risk undetermined

Because Adobe hasn’t described in detail what the specific problems are, Creative Cloud customers are left in the dark about the potential legal and financial threats. It’s unclear whether there is a real litigation risk here for Adobe Creative Cloud customers, or if Adobe is likely using vague legal threats to pressure users into a higher cost subscription plan by paying for the guarantee of not being sued by third-parties.

This is an intolerable risk for users and highlights the bigger picture about cloud cost management: without a clear oversight into your cloud subscriptions, companies may not know just how big and potentially costly the risk is – or that the risk even exists at all.

Get a cloud cost management solution

The simplest way to stay protected against software license compliance fees, fines, and lawsuits is by doing cloud Software Asset Management.

Having clear view into your cloud subscription environment mitigates your software license compliance risks. A cloud cost management solution shows you exactly which subscriptions are deployed in your environment, who’s using them, and how they are being used. Use this valuable data to make informed decisions and changes when and if the need arises.

Don’t get caught in a storm without an umbrella. Learn how to protect your cloud investment with a comprehensive Software Asset Management program that includes cloud cost management.

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