Aspera's Customers

Judge us by the company we keep.

Global leaders in all major industries rely on Aspera

We help our customers take efficient control of their software assets while cutting software licensing costs and mitigating audit risk

Our customers continually challenge us to meet the needs of their growing and evolving businesses; and Aspera has risen to that challenge, becoming the leading provider of cloud-based Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions. Since the company’s founding, Aspera has specialized in delivering scalable SAM solutions and services to global players and large organizations. We help procurement, finance, and IT leaders strengthen their organizations' competitive advantage by creating measurable results.

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Aspera = Strategic License Management for Large Organizations

Over 200 of the world's leading corporations and government agencies – including more than 50 Fortune Global 500 companies--have chosen Aspera’s award-winning Software License Management Tools and services.

Aspera’s customers are:

  • Loyal.Many have been working with us for over ten years. Why make a switch with the leading one-stop-shop SAM solutions and services provider already on your side?
  • Global leaders. Aspera customers are at the forefront of their industries: investment banks, insurance and healthcare providers, automobile makers, energy conglomerates, and logistics and manufacturing companies. Representing a wide range of industries, educational institutions, and government agencies, each has aligned itself with Aspera--the SAM industry leader.
  • Complex. Regardless of industry, our customers all have one challenge in common: complexity. Aspera’s specialization in Software Asset Management for large organizations means we have exceptional depth of expertise to skillfully minimize organizational and IT complexities, and ensure the long-term success of your SAM program.