Aspera is Networked for Your Success

Sustaining growth takes expertise, strategy, and hard work. Aspera has done all the legwork and built a strong, global partner network that ensures our customers reap all the benefits of license management through our partners’ expertise

Software licensing challenges enterprises all over the world, and Aspera has gladly accepted this challenge: Specialized in Strategic License Management we are continuously developing our market leading license management solution, Aspera SmartTrack and our SAM Services, to an ever-evolving market. The result? Aspera customers are empowered - license compliant - and are continuously provided options to achieve savings that effect the bottom line and thus to invest in their core business, to grow their market share.

Peter Kohlauf, Partner Manager at Aspera, explains how our global partnerships support your SAM success:

Go Beyond Mere Software License Management with Advanced SAM Services

Imagine this: you have integrated SmartTrack, the extension module FlowControl triggers smart buying decisions, and the Optimization & Simulation Module optimizes your server environment. Your licensing position and compliance is under control, savings are generated every day. Now, you would like to maximize the benefits of your Oracle contract as well as negotiate better terms for future renewals. May we introduce you to our Advanced SAM Service Experts who know all the ropes? You need an on-site SmartTrack presentation in Johannesburg, South Africa today because a web-session is not an option? Our hand-picked local partners will support you. You depend on a deep scanning technology or intricate process, better left to an expert? Our network of globally operating experts will help you.


A Global Partner Network at Your Feet

In order to guarantee our customers can lean back in the confidence that highly-skilled experts are solving their software licensing-related challenges, we have created a global network of partners to cater to our customers’ needs wherever they are located, whenever required. Our networked approach empowers you to tick all the boxes on your SAM To Do list…and then to tick some more. Let’s go places!

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