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Welcome to the Customer Web

You can access all of our Knowledge Services through the Customer Web online portal. Get access to your information for using SmartTrack, LicenseControl, the rest of Aspera's product portfolio, and deep knowledge about all subjects related to SAM. 

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How to get access

If you are the product owner or Solution Manager for your company, you should have received your credentials early in the implementation process. If you can’t remember them, please contact support(at)

If you are a non-admin user of Aspera products such as SmartTrack, SAM Intelligence or LicenseControl for SAP® Software, you can contact your internal account manager. Contact us at support(at) and we’ll clarify what your access level is.

Here’s what you’ll find

Help Desk
Your hub for tickets, requests and contacts. Find any Aspera person, such as your personal Account Sales Manager or your Account Delivery Manager. Depending on your Service Plans (MaintenancePlus or KnowledgePlus), you can log a support request for a bug or get help with a technical question. The Help Desk gives you a complete overview of all open items and ensures clear communication.

Knowledge Center
The Knowledge Center dives deeply into how Aspera products work together and within the SAM ecosystem. MaintenancePlus customers get access to every area of content: Product Support Base for news and notes about Aspera releases, Vendor Content Base for guidance about key vendors, and Implementation & Configuration Base for, well, exactly that!

Learning Universe
While the Knowledge Center provides great documentation, our Learning Universe gives you incredible learning opportunities that are prepared by our experts. MaintenancePlus customers get access to the full library of training and webinars, and are invited to our Product Release meetings.

Release Plan
Wonder which features are planned next? Did you forgot the dates needed to plan your internal release management? Our Release Plan lets you browse into the SmartTrack future as well as its past. We show you exactly when the next releases are planned and which features we’ll have ready for you.

File Depot
Download the latest release packs and patches from your personal product depot.