by and with Aspera

ITAM Review Conference USA - ITAM in the Cloud Era

Join Aspera at this conference. Expert speakers will be discussing topics including:

  • ITAM in the Cloud era
  • How to respond to and leverage the big vendors’ focus on Cloud
  • Cloud and contract negotiation tactics and contractual risks
  • Optimizing your software investments
  • Guidance & practical tips on software licensing
  • Building a SAM program from the ground up
  • How to save money on software licensing
  • Building agility into your IT Asset Management program
  • SAM intelligence in cyber security warfare
  • Gaining influence & momentum in your ITAM practice

Two packed days of plenary and workshop sessions from the world’s leading ITAM speakers; ITAM Practitioners, ITAM Review Excellence Award Winners, ITAM Experts, Licensing Experts, Legal Counsel and Vendors.

The event at a glance

Sep 27 - 28, 2017
33701 St. Petersburg, Fl, University of South Florida, University Student Center
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