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Chicago, Illinois

SAM Summit Chicago - Modernize Your SAM Practice with Tactical Advice

Join Aspera at the established SAM Summit

Case-study sessions featuring SAM directors from some of the world’s top corporations will offer insight into best practices. 

This is event offers 2.5 days of emerging approaches, thought-provoking conversations and meaningful interactions with SAM and compliance management peers. Panel discussions, hot-topic sessions, case-study presentations, end-user-only networking groups, tool demonstrations and focus tracks will provide the skills needed to master today's SAM. 

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Aspera's session at the SAM Summit

Best Practices for Software Reharvesting

Time: 22. October at 4:45pm
Speaker: Nichole Williams and Mathias Knops

Paying for unused or underused software licenses is like paying for that well intentioned gym membership – except these costs add up a lot faster. How do you avoid overspend and increase your SAM ROI? The answer is using automated software reharvesting. Monitor unused or underused software installations and identify opportunities to re-allocate or remove instances across your organization on-prem and in the cloud. Aspera’s expert speaker will show you what data you’ll need for reharvesting, how to design an end-toend reharvesting process, and how to demonstrate the value of reharvesting to stakeholders.

Selling SaaS SAM to Internal Stakeholders

Time: 22. October at 4:45pm
Speaker: Lawrence Dempsey

Cloud and SaaS adoption rates are increasing and as programs go unmanaged, licensing costs skyrocket. To business owners and employees, SaaS and cloud are self-managed, but as the SAM pro, you know better. Where are the “cloud savings” executives were promised? What can you do to convince stakeholders and make the business case for SAM for SaaS and cloud applications? Aspera’s senior consultant Lawrence Dempsey says start with defining a cloud strategy and tactics to contain sprawl and control spending. In this session he will share proven tactics that will give you an edge for managing in the new SaaS and cloud culture.

How S/4 HANA and Cloud will Change SAP License Management

Time: 23. October at 3:45pm
Speaker: Mathias Knops

From updated guidelines on indirect access to authorization-based licensing to legacy SBOP, Aspera’s SAP expert touches on the day's hot SAP topics and expains how to navigate key SAP licensing and pricing model updates. In this session, we'll touch on Digital Cores, changes to SAP audit teams, and the new definitions and pricing models for Human Access versus Digital Access. You’ll also learn how S/4 HANA and cloud are changing SAP license management.

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Oct 22 - 24, 2018
60611 Chicago, Illinois, 450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive
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