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The annual industry show SAMS USA 2017 combines distinguished expert keynotes and interactive world café round tables, private discussion rounds, networking sessions and vendor-free audit debates. Following Europe’s most influential SAM event series, the Software Asset Management Strategies USA brings together more than 150 software asset managers and IT procurement managers from America’s top companies at the only end-user driven networking SAM event in the US – free of mega-vendors & auditors.

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Join our session: Call to arms - 4 steps to rock-solid Audit Defense

Monday, June 26th @ 9:30 am

 Software audits are rising at a record pace, consuming valuable time and resources. It’s no longer a question of “if” an audit will hit, but “how often” and with how large a price tag. Using a strategic four step approach, SAM expert Robbie Plourde arms you with a secure arsenal of audit response procedures and best practices that give you the negotiation power you need. Discover secrets that reduce the pain, cost and time a software audits demands, and meet future vendor audits with confidence and control.

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Jun 26 - 27, 2017
Boston, MA, Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor
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