LicenseControl for Oracle

Optimize your Oracle license costs with verified data & ultimate insight

Automated analysis & reporting for Oracle License Management

LicenseControl for Oracle is a dedicated Oracle license management tool that simplifies your Oracle environment’s complexity and ensures license compliance, including your intricate cloud deployments. It uses Oracle-verified discovery data to deliver a thorough analysis, accurate details, and smart reporting.

You get the insights that help you pay the lowest price for Oracle licensing. Take the surprise out of Oracle contracts and maintenance costs, and confidently prepare for audits and reviews.

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Top 3 benefits of Oracle license management

Detailed Discovery Data

Gather detailed usage and installation data on your Oracle environment – and submit it in an audit, because we’re Oracle-verified

Cover every metric and rule

Track all Oracle licensing models, metrics, licensing rules, and rule updates — including complex virtual machine partitioning

Smart compliance reports

Get detailed, up-to-date information about your installations, usage, and configurations for an accurate compliance analysis

Powerful Optimization Features

Remove unused products

by recalculating or removing the complicated maintenance CSIs, so you can cut costs without added expense.


with unused features and downgrade them to an affordable edition, such as from an Enterprise Edition to a Standard Edition.

Consolidate your servers

to save on unused resources with reports on the CPU and memory consumption of servers.

Identify accidental activations

and clear them with automatic activation and usage reports that keep you compliant.

Verified data you can trust

LicenseControl uses data that is verified to match the data from Oracle’s own tools in a software license audit or true-up. It sees what Oracle sees for your databases, options, data packages, and hardware — so you know the data is reliable.

Using discovery technology, LicenseControl knows how to find your Oracle data, and most importantly, how to interpret it. It’s a great alternative to installing some License Management Services (LMS) measurement tools, and you can produce the reports required for a ULA certification declaration.

Avoid getting burned by Java licenses

Oracle requires licenses on some Java features, but which features? LicenseControl dives deep into your IT environment to detect all your Java products, then analyzes version, edition, and activation cause – crucial indicators for compliance – and detects all Java usage in your IT environment. You get a straightforward report with the gap between your Java usage and acquisitions, and the licenses you need to fill that gap.

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Built by Oracle insiders

Built by a team of Oracle insiders,
and led by our chief developer who worked at Oracle for 22 years.

Supported by Oracle experts

Our in-house Oracle licensing and contracts specialists provide consulting and managed services that are tailored to your needs.

Continuously developed

Research is the heart of our technology. We keep on top of what Oracle is doing, so LicenseControl is always accurate.

Use Oracle in the cloud, compliantly

The cloud is a flexible, scalable, and tempting place to bring your on-premises Oracle licenses, but there are risks. Oracle’s Bring Your Own Licensing rules and virtual machine partitioning policies can make the cloud complicated and costly. Start by simulating different licensing scenarios with LicenseControl to explore the impacts on your costs. Once you’re in the cloud, monitor each virtual machine and your Oracle products’ usage with LicenseControl to remain compliance.

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