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LicenseControl for SAP

Advanced SAP license management that changes the game

SAP License Management

SAP license management is the process which ensures your company pays only for the licenses you need. Aspera LicenseControl for SAP® Software features the most intelligent SAP rule definitions in the Software Asset Management (SAM) industry. The SAP landscape changes daily as a huge network of systems and user accounts is constantly reconfigured. LicenseControl optimizes the most cost-effective licenses while ensuring your compliance with SAP’s measurements.

Top 3 Benefits of SAP license management

Optimize and save

Customers save an average 10% in costs by optimizing your SAP licenses. Results are seen after their current 3-month cycle

Stay fully compliant

Run your usage results against SAP’s audit tools like LAW and USMM to always stay compliant with your contract terms

Automate for efficiency

Put SAP processes on autopilot – like allocating licenses, retiring unused licenses, and assigning lowest-cost named users

Verified for SAP license Management

LicenseControl for SAP® is certified by The ITAM Review. The solution is independently verified to meet your biggest SAP licensing challenges, including maintaining compliance, optimizing licenses, identifying indirect access, and migrating to S/4HANA cost-effectively.

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Know your S/4HANA migration’s cost

SAP wants its customers to migrate to S/4HANA quickly, but your risk of paying too much is high if you rush into S/4HANA. A cost-effective migration starts with analyzing your current SAP environment, which is where LicenseControl comes in:

  • Simulate different scenarios to forecast your migration’s cost
  • Find out how many “SAP Professional Use,” “SAP Functional Use,” and “SAP Productivity Use” licenses you need
  • Automatically assign the most cost-effective S/4HANA licenses in a product conversion to avoid costly over-licensing
  • Reveal cost-saving potential in your current SAP estate to use against your S/4HANA license purchases

SAP® Certified for Integration with SAP NetWeaver®

Get all the benefits of our SAP license management solution with easy integration and increased productivity. By meeting SAP’s stringent standards, you’re able to use SAP license management and optimization features securely and effectively in all your SAP systems.

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Digital Access or indirect access?

Make a decision your budget won’t regret. SAP says Digital Access’s document licensing is easy and convenient – but is it cheaper? LicenseControl helps you decide between indirect access and Digital Access:

Find your indirect access risk, and use LicenseControl to calculate its cost

Get a clear, flexible overview of all documents created through indirect access

Use that overview to simulate the cost of switching from indirect access to Digital Access

Decide if document licenses’ convenience is worth the price that SAP wants you to pay

Tap into professional SAP expertise

What is possible in your relationship with SAP? What isn’t? Aspera has 20 years of SAP license implementation and account management. From analyzing indirect access to negotiating contracts, our SAP experts know what’s worked for other companies and can share those best practices with you.


Face your biggest SAP obstacles

  • Measure engine licenses: Ensure each engine is accurately measured, no matter how complicated it is, by linking and updating SAP’s ever-changing metrics.
  • Assign unclassified accounts: Classify user accounts that do not have an assigned license type and assign a price to correctly evaluate the potential costs involved.
  • Use lowest-cost named user: Assign the least costly license type for named users, based on actual usage, avoiding SAP’s automatic expensive Professional User license.
  • See authorization-based licensing: Reduce the scope of authorization and assign the most cost-effective license.

How LicenseControl works

One-click license simulation

Use advanced analytics to compare your actual software usage of licenses you purchased with new or different license types that are less expensive.

User and engine optimization

Automatically assign (and reassign) the most cost-effective licenses, streamline every SAP user account, identify the true activity of each user and engine.

Strong data for SAP negotiation

When the LAW shows different results than yours get detailed data and a full license history to negotiate with SAP.

Resources to dive deeper into the world of SAP licensing

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