SAP License Management

LicenseControl for SAP® Software

Advanced SAP license management that changes the game

SAP License Management

LicenseControl for SAP® Software ensures that your company pays only for the licenses you need. At its heart are the most intelligent SAP rule definitions in the Software Asset Management (SAM) industry.

The SAP landscape changes daily, even hourly, as a huge network of SAP systems and user accounts is constantly reconfigured. LicenseControl optimizes the most cost-effective licenses while ensuring compliance with SAP’s measurements.

SAP License Management is the process of discovering and tracking what SAP licenses you have, how you use them, and how much they cost, so your organization can manage its license costs while remaining compliant. With LicenseControl for SAP you change the game for SAP license management.

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LicenseControl for SAP – Stay S4/HANA compliant and optimize your licenses

With LicenseControl for SAP, you can choose between actual usage and the authorizations contained in your user licenses. See the gap between the two metrics. This is relevant for all SAP customers who have both older contracts, which are measured by actual use, and newer contracts in which user licenses are allocated based on authorizations.

Before your S/4 migration, find out how many “SAP Professional Use”, “SAP Functional Use”, and “SAP Productivity Use” licenses you’ll need in the future – all of which are allocated based on available SAP authorizations and a solution's functions. We want to make sure that you don’t pay more in the New World than you did in the Old World.

10% is now a 6-digit number

If you’re managing SAM for an enterprise-level company, you typically spend millions of dollars on SAP licenses each year. Saving 10% is the average cost reduction we see with SAP license management. For many enterprises, that is a six-digit figure annually.

How do you save? By optimizing your licenses with SAP license management, you will uncover this 10% savings. The results show up over your current 3 month cycle. The next quarterly report from SAP's License Administration Workbench (LAW) will show more efficient usage — and lowered costs — for company-wide SAP licenses.

Take care of current SAP challenges

Utilize lowest-cost
named user

Assign the least costly license type for named users, based on actual usage, avoiding SAP’s automatic expensive Professional User license.

See authorization-based licensing

Reduce the scope of authorization and assign the most cost effective license.

Find risk of
indirect access

Fully calculate what your indirect access might be and the maximum financial penalties that you could face from SAP.

Keep up with ever-constant SAP challenges

Measure engine licenses

Ensure that each engine is accurately measured, no matter how complicated it is, by linking and updating SAP’s ever-changing metrics.

Stay compliant with LAW

Run your usage results against SAP’s mandatory LAW measurements to always stay compliant with your contract terms.

Assign unclassified accounts

Classify user accounts that do not have an assigned license type, and assign a price to correctly evaluate the potential costs involved.

How LicenseControl works

One-click license

LicenseControl has advanced analytics that compare your actual software usage against the licenses that you have purchased. It runs one-click simulations that consider new or different license types which are less expensive options.

User account and engine optimization

With LicenseControl, your organization can automatically assign (and reassign) the most cost-effective licenses. The solution streamlines every SAP user account, identifies the true activity of each user and engine, and assigns the best type from your existing license portfolio.

Strong data for SAP negotiation

Does the LAW show different results than yours? It's a common story, unfortunately. That’s why LicenseControl gives you strong data and a full license history to negotiate with SAP. Need help with your positioning? Talk to our SAP license management experts!

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Save records and results for the SAP audit

Reduce duplicates & demand

Identify and remove duplicate or inactive accounts to reduce an inflated demand for licenses.

Save results for later use

The optimized and simulated results are written back into each SAP system, in just a click, for the next time you run the LAW.

Store full license history

Save records of SAP usage for as long as you need so you have quality data for negotiations in a SAP license audit.

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