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Advanced SAP analytics that go beyond compliance

LicenseControl for SAP® Software ensures that your company pays only for the licenses you need. At its heart are the most intelligent SAP rule definitions in the Software Asset Management (SAM) industry. Get a free demo and see how to optimize your SAP licenses.

Benefits and features of LicenseControl for SAP:

LicenseControl for SAP optimizes your company’s licenses for users, engines and indirect access, making sure the least expensive type is assigned. Its advanced simulations ensure you are always compliant, and give you an optimized version of SAP’s LAW measurements to defend your usage.

  • Improve SAP Optimization
  • Measure engine licenses
  • Find risk of indirect access
  • Stay compliant with LAW
  • Save results in one click
  • Reduce artificial demand
  • Evaluate special licenses
  • Store full license history

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