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The Aspera Management Team

Meet the Aspera Management Team


Mathias Knops
Chief Operating Officer

Our chief operator started on the frontlines as a sales engineer. He’s spent 15 years of in IT security and SAM, ensuring products solve customers’ challenges.

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Mel Passarelli
President and CEO

Mel brings 30 years of experience in corporate strategy and growth to Aspera. No stranger to hard work, he earned his law degree from Suffolk University while working full-time.

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Lawrence Dempsey
Director Professional Services

Lawrence is your partner in identifying savings, reducing risk, and creating SAM success. He’s managed IT assets for 10 years and has a Bachelor of IT from Canberra University.

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Robbie Plourde
SVP - Global Sales Engineering

The friendly face behind our US sales team, Robbie has been improving processes and developing strategic and operation business solutions for customers for over a decade.

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Nicole Panas
Director Marketing

Nicole has spent the last decade creating content that drives growth, reaches their goals, and remains relevant to customers. She graduated from Boston University.

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David Cassery
VP / Director of Operations

David keeps Aspera running smoothly. His processes, informed by his 20 years of software industry experience, support our US growth.

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Shawn Smith
VP of Sales

With 25 years of leadership in software services, Shawn walks the walk, leading US sales, and talks the talk, running our sales training. He has an MBA from Bryant University.

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Jim Priest
VP of West Coast Sales

With 30+ years in IT sales, Jim’s seen everything – Infrastructure Management, Hosting, and Information Security. He graduated from Bringham Young University in International Business.

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Hans-Peter Kozica
Managing Director, Services

Hans-Peter has done it all – management roles in Business Intelligence, IT service management, and CRM. He graduated from Duisburg University in mechanical engineering.

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Achim Rudolph
Managing Director, Sales

The man behind Aspera GmbH’s international sales expansion, Achim previously managed the growth and success of Orgadata AG in Germany and Australia.

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Maxime Pawlak
President, Aspera France

Maxime takes it to the max – delivering high-level cloud and Oracle license management solutions that’s saved his customers millions in cost avoidance and maintenance reduction.

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Eléonore Varet
Managing Director/VP, Aspera France

Before leading our French operations, Eleonore was an IT lawyer for 10 years, specializing in licensing agreements and software audits. She graduated from HEC Paris.

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