Oct 27, 2014

Aspera Client Wins Top Award in Software Asset Management, Establishing Three-Year Streak

Voith takes first place Software Asset Management Strategies Europe Award after months of Aspera market expansion

Boston, MA / Aachen, Germany – October 27, 2014 - As Michael Bonk took the stage to accept the first place Software Asset Management Strategies (SAMS) Europe Award for Voith GmbH, some felt a clear déjà vu.

It wasn’t just the festive, collegial mood, yellow floodlights, or crystal trophy. The decision marked the third consecutive year that an Aspera client claimed the top prize for software asset and license management, amid stiff global competition. At Aspera Technologies, it was a fitting capstone to months of strong international growth, and added to a rising tide of recognition.

The we.CONECT SAMS Europe Award recognizes outstanding gains in cost reduction, process optimization, and software compliance. Like Evonik Industries and Deutsche Post DHL in previous years, Voith stood out for an innovative project implemented with Aspera’s SAM Expertise.

The ‘LIMA’ project was designed to standardize and centralize software license management at Voith, and incorporated ‘SmartTrack’ – Aspera’s license management technology. Key factors contributing to LIMA’s success at the competition were: savings through increased license compliance, reduction of overhead costs, the transparent status of Microsoft licenses, and promotion of optimal software management practices at Voith.

To be associated with one first place SAMS Europe award is encouraging. To be associated with two is an honor. Three looks like a signal. The remarkable winning streak hints at a powerful synergy between Aspera’s high-performing license management services and its robust growth.

Aspera provides specialized software asset management solutions to hundreds of clients worldwide. Users hail from finance and pharmaceuticals, cars and communications, and include 35 Fortune Global 500 Companies. Hundreds of large organizations rely on Aspera’s SmartTrack software license management technology and the expert consulting team that implements it. Aspera’s three newest Fortune 500 partnerships alone contributed over 75,000 servers and 400,000 desktops to its expanding roster.

Recognition through SAMS is the well-lit tip of a market iceberg. Industry confidence and increasing visibility are reflected in Aspera’s overwhelming 78% growth during the first half of 2014. The most pronounced growth is in North America, and Aspera Technologies Inc. has kept pace by expanding its US headquarters in Boston. President Christof Beaupoil has a simple explanation for it all. Aspera’s solutions, he says, deliver proven results.


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