Dec 22, 2016

Aspera donates $12,000 to the UNICEF project "Digital Drum"

Boston, MA, December 23, 2016 – In celebration of the holiday season the highly specialized provider of Software Asset Management solutions Aspera has donated $12,000 to the UNICEF project "Digital Drum". The project gives young people in the African country of Burundi access to digital learning through solar-powered computer kiosks.

“When we were thinking about what sort of Christmas present we could give our customers, we quickly realized that we wanted to donate money instead of handing out gifts," said Olaf Diehl, the Managing Director of Aachen-based Aspera. "We then looked for a project that was connected in some way to our business: software. The 'Digital Drum' is an innovative solution that opens the digital world to young people."

“Less than 3 percent of people in Burundi have access to electricity," said Christiane Raumanns of the UNICEF office in Aachen. "School materials are also in short supply. Up to six students have to share a textbook. With about 70 children in a classroom, learning becomes a real challenge."

Preinstalled "offline" programs in the "Digital Drum" provide information in four languages (English, French, Kirundi and Swahili).  Wikipedia and other sources are also provided. Adolescents can also complete preinstalled vocational training modules. Time magazine named the project under the motto “Innovation for Education” one of the best inventions of 2011.

Learn more about it in the YouTube video "UNICEF Burundi Innovation for Education.“