Mar 04, 2013

Aspera Offers More Languages for Users with Latest Update to Software License Management Tool

New Features Enhance User Friendliness of Aspera SmartTrack

AACHEN, Germany - March 4, 2013 - Aspera GmbH and Aspera Technologies Inc. (“Aspera”), wholly-owned subsidiaries of USU Software AG (“USU”), today announced updates to the software license management solution, Aspera SmartTrack. Many of the updates were initiated through the OEM partnership with CA Technologies. The new features increase the ease-of-use for users making it even less complicated for businesses to ensure software license compliance across the organization.

While enhancements were made throughout the Aspera SmartTrack solution, the most significant updates can be experienced in the user interface and as enhancements to Aspera’s Metric Engine technology.

Updates to the SmartTrack software license management tool include:

  • New Languages – In addition to the current languages English and German, Aspera now offers French, Italian, and Spanish user interfaces. With this new release, SmartTrack V3.5.0, Aspera will change the standard licensing terms for SmartTrack, which until today covered English and German user interfaces. Now, the software license management tool is licensable with English as the standard language and one additional language: German, Spanish, French, or Italian. More languages can be licensed at the option of the customer as so called, “Language Packs.” Within SmartTrack the language setting can be quickly and easily changed directly in the user interface with just a few clicks. Later this year Aspera will add Brazilian Portuguese, simplified Chinese, and Japanese user interfaces to SmartTrack.
  • International Time Zone Conversion – Aspera SmartTrack now automatically adjusts to the user’s configured time zone enabling better synchronization and data analysis worldwide.
  • New Metric Engine “Tiers” – Aspera has extended its innovative Metric Engine (ME) technology to accommodate tiered volume licensing and other interval metrics. For example, IBM’s license metric, User Value Unit (UVU) is based on the number and type of users for a given application, e.g. 1-5,000 users are charged at a value factor of 1, while 5,001 – 15,000 users are charged at a factor of 0.5, and so on. When calculating the license demand the new ME automatically applies the variable factor following the vendor defined tiers. Rather than performing manual calculations to determine license requirement and compliance, businesses are able to accurately produce the required reports at the click of a button.
  • License Optimization –The Metric Engine “Oracle Database” is enhanced to be able to handle IBM’s concept of “shared processor pools.” In many server environments, Oracle Database software runs on IBM’s operating system AIX-OS which supports shared processor pools. Oracle has defined special licensing conditions for such environments. The Metric Engine now supports these licensing conditions and automatically calculates the effective license demand, including for different capacity types of logical partitions: Entitled Capacity (“Capped” mode) and Online Virtual Capacity (“Uncapped” mode).

Olaf Diehl, Managing Director of Aspera GmbH, said, “Many of our product improvements and new features in the last months were deep within the application, like features for managing and improving data quality and accommodating publishers’ changing requirements for new server software license metrics—Microsoft, for example. With SmartTrack V3.5, we focused on our customers’ feedback and included their ideas about usability and internationalization. The enhancements described here directly improve the end-user experience for several license management roles in their daily work.”

Diehl concluded, “What’s more, the new updates make SmartTrack an even better solution for global, as well as locally oriented enterprises of mid to large size. And the best part: there’s more to come.”