Dec 18, 2018

Sponsoring a Child for Christmas

Aspera is proud to sponsor Nisha, a six year old girl, and her home region in Malawi with the Plan International project: Education for Children

Aachen, Dec. 18, 2018 – Aspera, a global vendor of Software Asset Management solutions and services, is sponsoring a young girl from Malawi. The project supports her education as well as primary health care. Aspera has also donated 8,000€ in support of an education project in Malawi. The project will help to improve the learning conditions at two primary schools, Mkoma and Malikha, and help create a safe and kid-friendly learning environment for 4,000 children.

The project began in 2017 by assessing the situation at the schools. The assessment revealed that there wasn’t enough learning space for all the students. Some of the classes didn’t have any rooms at all and had to hold class under the hot midday sun or in strong winds.

To improve these conditions, Plan International made it their goal to build ten new classrooms and eight housing units for the teachers. New sanitation and water supply systems will be built to improve hygiene. 15 classrooms have been renovated and equipped with new furniture and learning materials. Furthermore, to improve teaching quality, 60 instructors and school administrators will take part in in-service training.

“Education and health standards are cornerstones of a society that gives every person the same chances,” said Achim Rudolph, Managing Director of Aspera GmbH. “It’s why we’ve decided to make a donation on behalf of our customers.”

Last year Aspera supported Practical Action’s project, “Healthy Schools in Apurimac”. This project was successfully able to provide better access to energy, clean water, clean facilities, and IT. In total, the project benefitted 902 people, including 362 students, 501 parents, and 39 teaching personnel. Another 6,230 members of the community have seen indirect benefits from the project.