Jun 21, 2018

Aspera’s New Cloud Solution Optimizes Office 365 Subscriptions to Control Usage, Costs and Complexity

LicenseControl for Office 365 lowers cloud spend and prepares companies for Microsoft contract negotiations

Aachen Germany, June 21, 2018 – Aspera, the industry-leading provider of SaaS management solutions, today announced the release of LicenseControl for Office 365, the only cloud-based Software Asset Management solution that optimizes Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. LicenseControl automatically recommends how to reduce increasing IT costs while finding the best SaaS subscriptions for every user.

LicenseControl empowers companies to negotiate the most cost-effective contracts. The tool prepares IT, contract and purchasing managers for Microsoft negotiations by showing exactly which subscriptions they have and how they are using them. The ITAM Review reports, "SaaS Optimisation tool vendors typically report 30% of SaaS spending wastage so that’s $30bn of annual savings ITAM tool and managed service providers can unlock for their customers."

LicenseControl solves key challenges managing Office 365 with features that include:

  • Complete license overview. Gives a single, detailed view of all Office 365 app usage and subscriptions.
  • Subscription optimization. Analyzes where to optimize and eliminate duplicate licensing.
  • Automatic downgrade calculation. Eliminates paying for unused services by finding a license with only the options needed.
  • Subscription re-harvesting. Shows where to deactivate unused accounts and re-use licenses.
  • Fast and always available. Hosted on the Aspera Cloud Platform, so there’s no on-premises installation or downtime.
  • Part of Aspera Cloud Platform. The second solution in the Aspera cloud product family, following the release of LicenseControl for Salesforce.

“We regularly meet face-to-face with our customers in rountable discussions to find out what their latest Software Asset Management challenges are,” said Stephan Pflanzer, Aspera Managing Director. “LicenseControl for Office 365 grew out of one of these meetings, and it was developed with the customer’s needs in mind.”

“LicenseControl for Office 365 gives all the insights you need to make informed contract decisions,” said Dr. Matthias Vianden, Head of Solutions at Aspera. “It also provides managers with easy to understand quick-wins right from the start with automated calculations to adjust subscriptions based on actual usage or re-harvest unused licenses.”

Free trial with customer data

Companies interested in evaluating LicenseControl for Office 365 can sign up to get a free demo using their own Office 365 data.

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