Jun 29, 2018

LicenseControl for Oracle 5 packs powerful optimization into new simplified interface

New version 5.0 includes Oracle-verified discovery, automatic downgrade tools, and smarter reporting

Aachen, Germany; June 29, 2018 – Aspera, the leading provider of solutions and services for Oracle license optimization, today announced the new version of its LicenseControl for Oracle, which uses Oracle-verified discovery data to simplify complicated Oracle environments.

The powerful optimization tools in version 5, include the ability to find and remove costly unused options, detect and downgrade databases to cheaper editions, and reduce maintenance costs by CSIs.

These optimization tools are rolled into a user-friendly optimization interface, which allows users to easily move from optimization features to a reporting area.

LicenseControl’s reporting tool is now populated with live reporting data. This gives users up-to-date information that can be filtered and exported in simple, relevant ways that keep what’s important up front and what’s complex in the background.

New and improved features include:

  • False positives filter. Exclusion management features filter out any Oracle server, instance, or option, to tune out false positives and simulate or handle specific agreements
  • Contract management. Users can view reports, optimize licenses, and manage contracts in one screen.
  • Accidental activations deactivation. Option and pack activation causes can be viewed, so potentially costly accidental accesses can be deactivated.
  • Handle big, complex environments. Covers up to 200,000 servers and 650,000 clients (desktops, laptops, mobiles) to optimize any Oracle ecosystem or data center.

“In speaking with our customers, we’ve been able to understand the complexity they face in their Oracle environments and create or improve Version 5.0’s features to address their concerns,” said Maxime Pawlak, CEO of Aspera France. “LicenseControl’s verified data has the needed granularity for deep calculations and optimisations, so users can make more informed decisions about their Oracle environments and reduce their costs.”

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