Mar 26, 2018

Aspera’s New LicenseControl for Salesforce Release Reduces Costs through Automation

Feature updates include license re-harvesting and data privacy

Aachen, Germany; March 26, 2018 – Aspera, the leading provider of Software Asset Management solutions and services, has released a new version of LicenseControl for Salesforce, their industry-leading solution that reduces a company’s costs and consumption across all Salesforce Orgs. The most important new feature is Automatic License Re-harvesting, which automatically deactivates unused or rarely used Salesforce accounts to free up and reuse licenses.

Other powerful new features include tracking account inactivity per profile, monitoring storage over-limits, and protecting user data with global hosting options. LicenseControl for Salesforce is a fully cloud-based tool, so current and new customers always have the latest version without installation or system updates.

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SaaS cost is like an elevator that can only go up. With this new version of LicenseControl for Salesforce, Aspera found the switch to bring the elevator, in other words the cloud cost, down again. Dormant user accounts are an issue across industries. Eliminating them automatically will create continuous savings.

comments Jochen Hagenlocher, Global Head of SAM for a Fortune 100 company.

“Optimizing your Salesforce licenses is all about automatization, says Dr. Matthias Vianden, Head of Solutions Development at Aspera. “I am particularly happy about the fact that our users can take advantage of this automation in a lot of different ways. From automatic warning mails that can be freely configured to whitelisting of important accounts.”

Benefits of Automatic License Re-harvesting

LicenseControl helps a company to strategically control their Salesforce licensing costs and make informed decisions about purchases and contracts. The benefits of its new automatic re-harvesting include:

  • Automatic deactivation. Set a time threshold of inactivity after which accounts are automatically deactivated.
  • Detailed view of inactivity. Set the threshold up to 360 days—over Salesforce’s 90 day view—which aligns account usage with business reality.
  • Automated emails. Notify users of their license status with emails that are customizable per Org and sent automatically.
  • Whitelist accounts. Mark accounts as exceptions, avoiding deactivation for stakeholders who use their accounts sporadically or people who are temporarily absent.
  • Activity log. Get a full overview of LicenseControl’s activity per Org, including account deactivations and alert emails.
  • Extra data privacy. Add security to the customer data in Salesforce by deactivating non-authorized accounts and avoiding a breach of GDPR regulations.

New Features for Salesforce Costs and Privacy

The hurdles for users to create Salesforce accounts are low, so licensing and usage fees can easily climb. LicenseControl puts important tracking and monitoring systems in place so companies can:

  • Track usage by Salesforce profile to inform business decisions such as team training or department access.
  • Track Org license count to see if the company is paying for unneeded or unused accounts.
  • Monitor storage limits on data and files to avoid increased fees.
  • Protect your data using secure Aspera data centers in zones such as Germany, Canada, UK and US.
  • Get more security with the Aspera Cloud platform and its automatic disaster recovery.
  • Get data privacy by running multiple LicenseControl instances for silos between business units.

A free trial version of LicenseControl for Salesforce is available here.