Mar 06, 2014

New Optimization & Simulation Module Gives Ultimate Transparency into Software Licensing and Costs

Never before seen features in SmartTrack's new extension module offer license optimization at your fingertips

Boston, MA - March 6, 2014 - Aspera Technologies Inc., the pioneer in providing enterprise solutions that improve server license management, today announces the launch of its new product, the Optimization & Simulation Module (OSM), an extension module to Aspera SmartTrack. Leveraging the license compliance features of the SmartTrack platform, OSM extends the functionality to go beyond compliance and enable Strategic License Management, an integrated approach to license management as part of a comprehensive Software Asset Management program.

With the OSM, Software Asset Management (SAM) is able to concretely answer business questions regarding the monetary benefits of its activities. The evidence does not have to be manually researched and prepared--it is automatically and perpetually available in Aspera's Optimization & Simulation Module.

"Our new optimization and simulation features create financial analyses of the licensing costs of server software based on the licensing model and the relevant infrastructure. With one-click users can immediately compare different license models and simulate changes in the infrastructure," says Christof Beaupoil, President, Aspera Technologies Inc. "The information produced by the OSM has a wide range of applications across the business. Most notably enterprise architecture and portfolio management can be strategically joined with transparency into the available licensing options and architectural elements that affect the licensing costs."


Aspera is the market leader in enterprise software license management, covering the most license models and publishers, and with the introduction of the Optimization & Simulation Module the company upgrades its offering in 3 main ways:

Reveal Savings Achieved Through License Management
With one click users can report on saved spending achieved by applying entitlements granted in the licenses' product use rights, ultimately averting unnecessary license purchases. These out of the box (OOTB) reports can easily be shared within the company to show the value of SAM.

Optimize License Demand
With one click users can compare all available license metric alternatives for all servers, virtual servers and clusters to identify the optimal licensing model for the given infrastructure and configuration. By simulating changes in the infrastructure users can evaluate the best license metric for future architecture plans.

Contract and License Optimization
License optimization aims to use the enterprise's existing contract and license inventory as efficiently as possible. Users can automatically examine the available licensing options, while simultaneously analyzing the compatibility with the current operational environment. In this way, existing licenses can be optimally allotted--increasing cost-efficiency and reducing additional license purchases to only what is really necessary for immediate savings.

Learn more about how the OSM extension module enables Strategic License Management.