Sep 26, 2018

Aspera Customer IAC honored for Excellence in Software License Management

LicenseControl for SAP® software generated very significant savings

Aachen/Findel, Germany/Luxemburg, September 26th, 2018 – International Automotive Components Group (IAC), headquartered in Luxemburg, has won third place in the prestigious 2018 SAMS Awards for implementing a software license management solution to measure SAP licenses worldwide.

For the eighth year in a row, the we.CONNECT Group will present the SAMS Award for outstanding achievement in the enterprise-wide rollout of software asset and license management strategies. IAC, a global automobile supplier, was nominated in the category “Single Product / Single Business Problem.” With the assistance of LicenseControl for SAP® Software, IAC was able to find the most cost-effective licenses for their heterogenous and decentralized SAP infrastructure and ensure compliance through SAP measurements.

As a result of acquisitions and changes in the structure of our international operations, we had developed a complex and diversified SAP environment. The challenge was getting a transparent overview of our data in a short period of time, correctly measuring all our SAP software licenses, and achieving a licensing situation that was both optimal and compliant with SAP license management. Additionally, we had to monitor for indirect access risks,

explained Susanne Voigt, SAP Manager Europe at IAC.

That’s why we’re so excited about this award. Within the scope of the project, we were able to find ways to significantly reduce our license spend that met SAP’s requirements and our own needs. We can now predict our license growth for the next 12-18 months with extreme precision.

“IAC’s project deserves this recognition. Congratulations to the IAC Group!”, says Olaf Diehl, Managing Director of Aspera. “The continuous changes in SAP licensing conditions in direct and indirect access can only be tackled with a precise understanding of the contract clauses and with careful analysis.”


Headquartered in Luxembourg, International Automotive Components (IAC) Group is a leading global supplier of automotive components and systems, including instrument panels, console systems, door panels, headliners and overhead systems to automakers around the world. The company’s 2017 sales were $4.4 billion. IAC Group operates approximately 50 manufacturing facilities in 15 countries. The company has more than 60 total locations in 19 countries, including 18 design, technical and commercial centers, and employs more than 22,000 people globally. For more information, visit