Mar 05, 2018

Novartis wins the SAMS Award 2018 for Software Asset Management

Berlin, Germany, March 5, 2018 – Novartis Pharma AG was honored with a SAMS Award in the “Overall Project/Strategy” category at the SAM Strategies Conference in Berlin last week. Their “Top 100 Cost Reduction Initiative“ project aimed to save significant money, gain software compliance transparency, and improve processes in software procurement and software usage.

The IT and Procurement department worked closely together to examine 1,200 software vendors and determined that the top 100 vendors were responsible for 90% of the software spend at Novartis.

As a next step, the project team reviewed over 400 active software contracts and verified their usage.

Start saving with SmartTrack

This project was very innovative, because we linked the procurement data with SAM information group-wide for the very first time. We achieved considerable savings by combining the capabilities of both departments and with the support of Aspera SmartTrack.

says the Project Manager Jutta Hangater, Global Head of IT Procurement Software at Novartis.

Jochen Hagenlocher, Global Head of SAM at Novartis confirms:

This Project has set new standards—not only for procurement but also for optimizing existing contracts. We were able to improve our SaaS contract conditions for example.

“Congratulations to our customer Novartis for this well-deserved award. Their strategic project confirms the status of SAM and demonstrates innovative ways a SAM solution can be used and provide value for other enterprises,” states Olaf Diehl, Managing Director at Aspera.

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