Jul 10, 2018

Aspera SmartCollect 5 provides detailed discovery of data on all server and client devices

New version adds Network Discovery for data center inventory, and close integration with Software Asset Management platform

Aachen, Germany; July 10, 2018 – Aspera, the leading provider of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions, today announced the release of SmartCollect 5, a powerful inventory tool that gathers all the data needed to calculate a company’s software usage.

The new version runs a complete discovery of every server and client device, and does both agent-based and agentless data collection. SmartCollect pulls software data for big vendor networks such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM, gathering deep details that include product installations, operating systems, running services and hardware assets.

New and improved features for SmartCollect 5 include:

  • Discovers the whole network. The new Network Discovery feature runs across all network devices to identify software on servers, virtualized stations, desktops, laptops, and hardware assets like printers and scanners.
  • Runs agent-based or agentless. Choose which method of data collection fits—or use both—to gather a wide range of device data such as operating system, running services, server names, contracts, running processes, and business organizations.
  • Product details for big vendors. Go beyond software installations as SmartCollect builds an ever-growing library of product signatures in the discovery phase that can be immediately used for product recognition.
  • Tight integration with SAM platform. SmartCollect pushes its product inventory data with a couple of clicks to SmartTrack, Aspera’s SAM platform, and can schedule automatic refreshes of the network data.
  • Easily scales in large complex IT. There are almost no limits, as SmartCollect can now identify thousands of devices, over 3,500 device types, and over 7,500 software assets.

A big goal for this version has been back end improvements for a more seamless integration between SmartCollect and SmartTrack,” said Philippe Bonavitacola, SmartCollect Product Manager. “We brought a higher level of detail and completeness to the SmartCollect data sets, which our SAM platform uses for faster product recognition and to compute the compliance position.

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